Some matches

29 03 2015

Bangor City 3 Conwy Borough 0
Welsh Cup 4th Round,

Could have been a worry, it wasn’t.


Bangor City 5 Cefn Druids 3
Welsh Premier League

We went 2-0 down after 20 minutes, 2-2 at half time, won 5-3. I missed the match due to the fact I’d was travelling back from Italy

Connah’s Quay Nomads 1 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

The pitch was muddy, Bangor’s equaliser was fantastic.


Bangor City 4 Prestatyn Town 0
Welsh Premier League

A Dave Hayes own goal was the most beautiful moment of the most beautiful evening of the season.


Llandudno 3 Rhyader Town 0
Cymru Alliance

Llandudno edged nearer to the cultural hinterland of the WPL, not every Llandudnoer was able to forsake the charms of the town’s bustling cultural quarter.


Bangor City 1 Newtown 2
Welsh Cup Quarter Final

We were knocked out by a time-wasting, “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”ing at evrything that moved, bunch of twat ahem, what I meant to say was, we were bested by an excellent team of UEFA pro-license coached players that created their chances of maximum opportunity with all their efforts. Huzzah for the brave new future,


Rhyl 1 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

A fantastic goal from Bangor, a draw and a load of spilled chips in the stand. When I saw the chips and their forlorn polystyrene cone I thought “Hello, here might be an apposite metaphor for the Welsh Premier League”. Picture the following slogan on a poster; THE WPL; A LOAD OF WASTED CHIPS. That’ll get the beautiful people involved.


Bangor City 1 Carmarthen Town 0
Welsh Premier League

A very pleasing win over a team of annoying “HAAAAAAAAAAAAY”ers.


Cefn Druids 0 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

Another victory over really annoying “HAAAAAAAAAAAAY”ers, Bangor out of the relegation zone for the first time since last season and in the post-match clubhouse, the most confident performance I’ve ever seen Wales give.


Three ideas a year and all four of them are wrong

20 03 2015

First there was the “League of Wales”, then there was the “Welsh Premier League super twelve of stupefaction”, now there’s something new!

Let’s here it for the “3G five year plan for the vague possibility of something beneficial in the short to medium term period and the vague sliver of a chance of the suspicion of a golden future”.

Then Murdoch announced plans to televise matches on a Friday evening. The golden future reverted to leaden pall, the principality of powerful ideas reverted to an ashen face;

TV deal raises concerns over impact on Welsh Premier League

The English Premier League recently sold television rights to its games for a record £5.1bn, 71% above last time.

Sky paid £4.2bn for five of the seven TV packages while rival BT paid £960m for the other two in the record TV rights auction. The deal will run for three years from 2016 and Sky’s package will include the first ever games on a Friday, which has been a popular evening for Welsh Premier clubs. So how will televised English Premier League football affect the Premier League in Wales? BBC Wales Sport finds out.

Gwyn Derfel, Corbett Sport Welsh Premier League secretary

It’s been no secret that Friday night attendances have been the highest we have been attracting in the league. I know clubs have tried to target Friday evenings in the past so the [new Premier League TV deal] is going to be another challenge. The news of Friday night games is not going to be great for our league. But I think there is going to be a point where people get fed up of seeing one product and hopefully they’ll be looking for something more accessible and football they can relate to

Gwyn Derfel succeeded John Deakin as Welsh Premier League secretary

I wouldn’t say it a wasn’t a worry but we have to be confident that we’re promoting ourselves as good quality family football which is value for money. Hopefully people will still be supportive of our league and we can see the league taking further strides forward, But with the 3G project [to invest in hard-wearing pitches] I think clubs have got to accept that attendances are not the main drivers for revenue in clubs these days. The 3G policy has had its detractors but as the secretary of the league I’m fully behind that initiative. If you look at Newtown for example, from a commercial aspect, their pitch is I believe at 95% capacity which exceeds their business plan. It’s bringing more people into the club and gives those youngsters who play on the pitch an affinity with the club at a young age. It’s inevitable that we are going to be compared with big brother next door and of course that brings with it significant challenges. But the Barclays Premier League is a different world from where we’re at.

Brian Mackie, Cefn Druids chairman

The reason we switch to Friday matches is because we compete with Wrexham on a Saturday. Wrexham fans are diehard supporters so it’s very hard to attract them here but we do tend to get more coming to see us when Wrexham are going through a bad spell. By playing on a Friday they get the option of watching both clubs and it works for us.

The Rock in Rhosymedre has been Cefn Druids’ home since 2010

But the new Premier League deal which will see games being played on a Friday night would have a really bad effect on us. It might be easier for fans on a winter’s night to stay in and watch the Premier League rather than come here. People have only got so much money to spend so we try and keep prices low. We wanted to raise the prices but then we couldn’t get people through the gate. Summer football has been mentioned in the past but the club is against it. If the league did switch to summer football, it wouldn’t go back to winter so it would need to be seriously considered.

Marc Lloyd Williams, Welsh Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer

Welsh Premier League clubs have traditionally preferred Friday night games because for clubs in north Wales it doesn’t clash with the likes of Liverpool, Everton and Manchester United. South Wales clubs have had to compete with the success of Swansea and Cardiff over recent years.

Marc Lloyd Williams’s Welsh Premier League clubs included Bangor City, The New Saints and Rhyl

We might even see clubs move games to Thursday nights if there are big televised games on a Friday. I think Port Talbot played on a Thursday last year to try it out. But the other option would be to go to summer football. You’ve got your traditionalists who prefer their football to be played during the winter months But with Sky and BT Sports pumping all this money into English football, something has got to give. Maybe the traditionalists have got to give way to summer football if this new deal is going to affect attendances and the progress of the Welsh Premier League clubs.

You can see just what a glorious future Welsh football faces, how dare Murdoch cast his shadow upon it!;

“But with the 3G project I think clubs have got to accept that attendances are not the main drivers for revenue in clubs these days.”

Let us bask in this glorious vision of a glorious future before it’s too late, let us revel in the concept of “football club as glorified leisure centre”, a world where football clubs mean nothing to nobody. Contemplating this future from the broken escalator of our present – a predestined lack of success in the unyielding boredom of the once tragic, now farcical, super twelve – is enough to make the most devout fan of Welsh football question their choice of weekend leisure activity.

The 3G plan may have hit the Murdoch buffers but the powers that be have resolutely reapplied their powers in the last week, They have decided to fight back with their latest reheated brainwave of azure sky clarity……………summer football.

The FAW are so keen to improve the standard of the the majority semi-professional Welsh Premier League they want to play matches when most semi-professional players deign to go on holiday from their day-jobs. When we consider the prospective legions of new fans watching sun-drenched samba soccer whilst sunbathing in sunkist stands we can also consider the old maxim that if the man had wanted the people of Wales to play football in the summer he wouldn’t have invented Welsh summers.

Besides this how are the FAW able to consign last month’s latest flavour of a brave new 3G world to the dustbin of history so casually? Surely the Welsh weather won’t pose a problem for these technopitches, they’re said to weave their economic miracles in all weathers!

The Welsh Premier league is a typical semi-pro league – interesting to those that are moved to take an interest but it doesn’t mean that much in the rest of the football world – yet the powers that seem intent on alienating at least some of their “audience”. The WPL may be a national league that’s theoretically equal with Murdoch’s premier league and it may have excellent coverage on a national broadcaster (the best aspect of the WPL) but it’s still a semi-pro league with a semi-pro culture.

The vision of the future that certain people want certainly isn’t rosy, a spirit crushing league that’s engineered to be underpopulated, played at the wrong time of the year on identikit surfaces of the wrong nature. It’s a vision of the future that involves a boot stamping on a sense of enjoyment for eternity.

Luckily some journalists, like the fantastic and lovely Dave Jones of The Daily Post, are capable of formulating cogent and progressive ideas about the future of Welsh football. Will anyone listen to their sober advice?

Who are you calling “mate” lad?

8 03 2015

Yesterday I witnessed a teenager dismissively utter “A return to Llandudno please mate.” in the general direction of the train guard. A few seconds later I re-imagined a classic Derek & Clive sketch;

Dirk: I’ll tell you, the other day some hipster came up to me and …..

Carwyn: Who, Les Dennis?

D: No, no, I don’t know who it was, and he said, “Excuse me Mate!!”.

C: Yeah.

D: I said, “What?” He said, “Excuse me Mate!!”.

C: Yeah. And you replied, “DON’T “MATE” ME LAD”.

D: I said-, I-, no, well, not straight away, I said, “Pardon dickhead”.

C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, …..

D: And then he said …..

C: ….. what’d he come back with?

D: He come back. He says, “Excuse me Mate”. I said, “You talking to me dickhead?.. “

C: You’re joking! He said, “Excuse me mate”?

D: He-, yeah, he said, “Excuse    Me     Mate!!!-?” I said, “You f-“, I said, “You flipping tugboat”.

C:I should hope so, “you tugboat”.

D:I s-, I said, “You tugboat”, I said, “You bloody come here and call me mate”.

C: I should say so.

D: I said, “You f-“, I said, “You tugboat”. I said, “You flipping tugboat”. I said, “Who you flipping calling ‘mate’, lad?”

C: Yeah, what did he say, “mate”?

D: He said, “Look I’m sorry mate……….Why you getting angry mate? I only said “Excuse me” mate. Do us all a favour mate, get on the banter bus!!”

C: Well who are you to say to him that he was a flipping tugboat?

D: Well, what d’you fu-, what d’you flipping think, mate, I was flipping defending my flipping self, weren’t I?

C: Well, no, he came up to you, called you “mate”, …..

D: Yeah!

C: ….. that’s fair enough, what he said, “Excuse me Mate!”, and you said back to him, “you flipping tugboat”.

D: I sa-, well, …..

C: Well, what do you expect him to say back apart from, “Look, I’m really sorry Mate. I didn’t mean to push in to the self-service queue Mate.”

D: Well, I don’t-, I don’t expect nothing, do I?

C: No.

D: But the f-, the flipping tugboat come back with, “Look I’m sorry mate”, tugboat.

C: Well, Christ, …..

D: I said, “You’re sorry “mate”?” I said, “You calling me “mate” …..

C: Yeah.

D: ….. You flipping tugboat-“, I said, “You flipping tugboat”.

C: Jesus Christ, yeah.

D: I said, “You-“, I said, “You, can shove your apology you flipping tugboat”.

C: Yeah, what-

D: I said, like that.

C: You said it like that, did you, …..

D: Yeah.

C: ….. to him, …..

D: Yeah.

C: ….. or was he gone by then?

D: No, he flipping looked at me with disdain. Fli-

C: Looked at you with disdain, did he?

D: Yeah,flipping tugboat.

C: Killed you dead with his eyes, did he?

D: Nah, he-, he just looked at me with disdain. I said, I said, …..

People I don’t mind calling me mate; My friends, other people I know, people that live north of Stafford.

People I’d ban from calling me mate; People I don’t know, the shop workers of north Wales and Chester that I don’t already know, The bar staff of Llandudno that I don’t already know, people half my age, the privately educated, hipsters, university students, people speaking on TV programmes, radio phone in hosts, the users of the banter, David Cameron.

Stickers here, stickers there, stickers every blooming where.

5 03 2015

As already noted the Jet Set see a sticker album with loads of missing stickers where others see an urban landscape.

We’ve been abroad recently so there’s been a few updates of our sister site, updates like this one.

Feb 13 069Here’s a few of our favourites.

Aug 13 064Aug 13 177sept 20 043aUG 20 132


I’ve got the hometown blues baby

20 02 2015

A couple of weeks ago I went to Llandudno, The Queen Of Welsh Resorts. I saw this sign;

Oct 29 1494

Like most people I’m not surprised when I newish street furniture but there was something disturbing about this particular inanimate object. Its application of alliteration – “private property” – to this particular vista foisted a deadening shadow upon my salad days, the golden memories of my youth were now sullied.

The patch of grass in the photo was once our perfect football pitch. The grass was perfect, the ground was scientifically flat and the area perfectly proportioned by its natural boundaries of path, grass bank, road and wall. Our fabulous games were a fabulous time of unworried shots, unruffled saves, rolled down socks and carefree grass stains on Umbro Inter away shirts.

It’s one thing to see another’s reckless abandon casually delete your past, it’s quite another to see cherished memories replaced by the dead hand of feudalism. The Llandudno I once lived is lights years away from our foreign country.

The mean streets of my hometown told me I was adrift of my moorings six months ago. The wrong people were now doing Alan Partridge’s Kate Bush Melody on the comedy gold Karaoke circuit, camouflage espadrilles were now worn with abandon, wedding suit trousers were now too short and coupled with sockless ox blood loafers and bow ties, nowadays black nike air xax trainers were worn to funerals. This was the situation six months ago, flip knows what state the town’s in now. Thank god I wasn’t paying attention a couple of weeks ago.

A promenade to town once held the promise of holidaymaker led exoticism and associated cultural exchange but now it’s just a walk to town in the rain. An Asda sits where my old school used to, the new version of my school sits where the town’s old rubbish dump used to. The newsagent that used to deliver our Daily Posts now displays a sign for Murdoch’s tabloid.

I once saw Catfish and The Bottlemen in a pub basement in Llandudno’s cultural quarter. Three years later they said this;

“….I Tweeted FIFA, and then our fans started getting involved, trying to trend the hashtag #getcatfishonfifa, so FIFA picked up and listened.

I’m more excited about that than anything; any tour, any album. That’s our childhood dream. It was massive for us growing up.”

Where’s King Canute’s throne?

Oval Ball Good, Round Ball Bad

18 02 2015

This evening a tweet from “Rugby Pigs” floated on to my timeline;


I have to agree with their tweet, if anything “SAY’S IT ALL” it’s the bringing together of two photos. All young football fans are anti-social yobs and all young rugby fans are cherubic darlings, just look at the words.

The logic is quite literally flawless. It’s a well know fact that you can’t move in football grounds without treading on foul-mouthed three year olds and it’s another well known fact all hooligan firms have names like “The Accrington Freelance Troubleshooters (Under 5s section)” and “Prestatyn Preacher Patrol Under 6s”. Ipso facto all football fans are scumbags, especially the kids, especially the kids.

Far be it from me to argue with the clear cast iron logic of the computer generated art but it’s another feeble example of twitter humour. I’ll concede that football can cause people to “lower their inhibitions slightly”, so there may be a microscopic speck of truth in the joke, but how many six year olds, never mind the six year old Feyenoord fans, act is this way on a regular basis? Then to juxtapose this idea with the impeccably Americanised behaviour of an official mascot. Tsk tsk.

The annual seepage of vomit flecked philosophers on to the streets of Cardiff suggests that rugby fans might not be the paragons their stereotype suggests. Some people even go as far as to claim that rugby fans are “as bad as scumbag football fans” nowadays. The false dichotomy need detain us no longer. Let’s just say that some football fans are idiots and most rugby fans willingly vote Conservative and cheer while their mates drink cocktails of frothing bodily fluids and leave it at that.

Let us return to the joke. If there was a choice between guiding my six year old towards one of the two behaviours it’s not an easy process to deal with. On the one hand I wouldn’t encourage them to publically insult other people with hand gestures. On the other hand I wouldn’t encourage unthinking displays of excessive national pride. There’s probably a middle ground between the two.

If the author of the joke finds something palatable in a child’s exaggerated expression of a national anthem that celebrates the continuation of feudalism he’s probably not the sort of person I want to spend time with. While we’re at it, what’s with the metaphorical clutching of the heart? This country, as Partridge might say.

The January Blues

7 02 2015

Bangor City 2 Port Talbot 1
Welsh Premier League

We won a home match, YES, WE WON A BLOODY HOME MATCH.

Phone 076

Bala Town 3 Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

This match had been due to take place the previous night but a postponement was called. The match was moved to Rhyl. Rhyl scallies hate Bangor so much they came to insult us for 20 minutes and then trudge home like bored teenagers. It rained.

Jan 15 023

Cefn Druids P Bangor City P
Welsh Premier League

We travelled in hope but the pitch was evidently frozen. The match was called off by the referee just in time to claim expenses.

Feb 7 008

Prestatyn Town U19s 0 Bangor City U19s 1
FAW Development League

Dave and I tried to salvage something from from the day by getting cold at an U19s match. Usually there were more goals at U19s matches.

Feb 7 044

Cefn Druids 2 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

A last minute equaliser is always rather satisfying.

2 Feb 044

Carmarthen Town 3 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

Instead of going to this match I went to Llandudno. Instead of seeing another late, late equaliser I listened to Michael Owen’s moral relativity, a world where handball is the grossest violation of the angelic spirit of football but divers are entitled to go down there like I said Clive.

Just after 2:30 pm I found myself next to a pool table without the requisite amount of change, my heart told me I should have gone south.


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