Deeside’s lovely at this time of the year.

19 09 2008
Gap Connah’s Quay Nomads 1 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

I’m beginning to feel disenchantment with vibes, they don’t foretell anything. All it took to put Medieval belief systems aside was a football match, hurrah for Association Football.

Here’s the empirical evidence; Gap Connah’s Quay Nomads (GCQN) are fresh from having temporary employment cash pumped into their system. Therefore they should have presented a rather trickily shaped hurdle. However, during this incursion into Connah’s Quay the hurdle was cleared with a lot to spare. 

The Ultras found space at the back of the stand. There were more Bangor flags than GCQN fans. Sion scored as Shotton’s dreaming chimneys faded in the sunset. GCQN equalised thanks to some intelligent running by an appirition, our defence were so rigid with fear that the ball moved freely towards our goal. The GCQN fan went wild. City regained the lead shortly before half time when the ball was bundled in, mostly thanks to Sharpy. We won the “second half battle”(®Andy Gray)  due to our advanced strategic planning and fused together shirts.

During the triumphal second half the young Bangor fans taunted the GCQN fan with relentless chanting “durr durr durr du durrr Sexy Football”… “We can see you sneaking out”… “Shoes off if you love Bangor” etc etc etc. The baton has been passed.



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