Blank Saturday Number 3

27 06 2009

Fun Activity; Daydreaming

In today’s hustle and bustle this activity is very rewarding; you can go anywhere without leaving the confines of your seat. You can be anybody; Che Guevara, the drummer for Ian Brown, the Welsh player that misses the last penalty in a shootout at the end of a World Cup Semi-Final, a Kazakh sheep farmer, an Australian sheep farmer, a racist South African rugby fan…..

I chose to be Robbie Savage today and everybody loved me. I was standing in a hotel room and I was  looking at myself in a mirror; everybody in the room loved me, literally everyone loved me. Then I heard a familiar voice, I turned around and Ruud Gullit was sitting on the bed; he told me to “carry on being special” but I must remember one thing; “…when you are halfway there you still have half a journey to go”. Then he dissappeared.

I took this to mean that I will become the new Welsh Football Messiah. My powers of management  and I will transform the dross of League One into European Championship qualification play-off runners up heroes, just like I am!! Then I felt weird.

Rating: Free and can be fun but it can be unsettling and leave psychological scars that require therapy; 2/5 

Top Tip; Do not daydream in an unchecked fashion; if you appear to be getting strange looks from passers-by you are probably externalising, this can be very embarrassing. 

Blank Saturday No.3

23 06 2007

Activity – Hangover

This is not really recommended, unless you like nausea and pounding headaches. The hangover must be nature’s way of reminding you about the inherent evil of drinking alcohol. The first stage, nausea, was replaced by an uncomfortable clamminess as I sought any cool spot in bed. Fortunately this went after an hour. Unfortunately it was replaced by a lethargy that prevented me from doing anything constructive.

Top Tip: Don’t Drink Activity Rating: 0/5

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