Boxing Day is here!!!

26 12 2010

So the day all football fans love is here but there won’t be much happening in north Wales today.

The elusive whiff of fame followed by the indifferent coldness of anonymity in Broughton

30 11 2010
Bangor City 5 Carmarthen Town 0
Welsh Premier League

The Jet Set has found a new way to ensure Bangor score. All 5 Bangor goals today were the result of us standing at the side of the pitch. We were only standing at the side of the pitch because of our merchandise duties, at first we cursed why people couldn’t wait for half-time to sort stuff out but then we noticed our positioning had caused the first two goals.

The easy victory was almost routine. We hate the fact that we’ve typed this phrase as it makes us look a blasé. We can assure the reading public that we are still enjoying the experience to the full, well apart from the lingering pre-match dread that clings to our soul in the hours before kick-off; “This week could be the week of the slip-up.!!!!”

Sion’s goal, Bangor’s fifth, was what they call “A Peach of a shot into the top corner”. Bully scored a hatrick and Morley scored another pen. After Sion scored his “peach” the Carmarthen goalkeeper drew several comments from the crowd around us, let’s just say they doubted his talent. At this point our humanity came to the fore, we couldn’t join in. A prominent member of the Jet Set is part of the goalkeepers’ union so we could take no pleasure in Carmarthen’s reserve goalkeeper feeling discomfort. We didn’t feel as charitable toward the left back after he had offered the international sign of the wanker in our general direction, what an uncouth moron.

The match may  have been the main part of the afternoon for most people but earlier in the afternoon the Jet Set had been centre of attention. Shortly after we heard a desperate appeal we were waiting on the pitch so we could speak directly into a television camera. It turned out that Sky Sports News were deigning to cover football played by non-millionaires. We did our stuff and others did theirs. After the lure of the limelight we felt quite crestfallen.

Once we thought that we were principled, we thought  we were nothing without our principles. Hating Murdoch, and anything his tentacles touch, was one of our unbreakable ideas. Then today we’d actually allowed ourselves to take part in one of their patronising “Look how quaint the little people are” style reportage. We had actually appeared on camera uttering a line fed to us by the reporter. It’s the corruption of our values that’s hard to stomach. We thought that after our years of opposition to sky television’s existence we’d remain steadfast. All they needed to do was wave a microphone in front of our faces and we started salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

“12 Wins” is such a tiny phrase  to shake one’s moral foundations but we’d  uttered it for Murdoch’s puppets. In fact by uttering it we’d become one of his puppets too. To make it even worse, now that they’ve taken Sky Sports News off freeview we weren’t able to see our appearance either.

This was a dark day for the Jet Set.


Airbus UK Broughton P Bangor City P
Match Postponed due snow, ice and twatty referees

Despite the heavy early morning snow the signs were good all day. There were worries but there were no messages from Deeside warning about icy conditions. We were warmed all day by the prospect of an evening freezing in Broughton.

At 6 o’clock we got on the bus in Abergele and  all was good. Then we got near to Broughton and the roadside verges were white but that was ok, we could see that the floodlights were on. We parked near the ground and saw that the pitch was white but that was ok, the stewards didn’t say the match was off. The ground was deserted but that was ok, there was still 55 minutes to kick off and the bar was calling. We were deep in a conversation and noticed that were people were leaving in droves, that was ok, it was 7:12 PM.

The match was due to begin at 7:30 PM. at 7:15 PM they decided to call the game off.

 There were dark mutterings about the referee waiting until after 7:00 PM because that was the time at which the referee could claim his expenses. to think that Alexander GrahAm Bell invented the telephone 134 years ago and nobody in Airbus thought of using one to notify anybody of the snow, twats.


A look at Bangor’s prospective new ground

We’d heard that a meeting had been called to discuss Bangor City’s ground situation. In the last week there had been much disquiet. A concrete prospect for the demolition of Farrar Road  had become closer, ASDA had been unveiled as the prospective core tenant for the redevelopment.

There was disquiet from two directions. The obvious direction was the historical angle; another historical ground would be lost and all that entails (Read this article from our good friends at Ffwtbol for a taste of this idea). This perspective is obviously right.

The whole situation is another example of ASDA destroying a living breathing piece of north Walian history. Several years ago they decided that they needed a bigger shop in Llandudno so one of the oldest buildings in Llandudno, Ysgol John Bright, had to bite the dust. The demolition of Farrar Road is yet another example of the profit at any cost amorality at the heart of our society.

The other objections came from a practical point of view, the ground plans at present are not substantial enough. We set out to see if there is enough space for a proper ground. To cut a long story short, there is space. The key question for us is will those bastards let us have a ground? It remains to be seen if we’ll get a satisfactory answer, especially when prominent members/employees of the council seem to have less than ambivalent feelings about the City they claim to represent.

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