Arty Stuff

The Llandudno Jet Set has a couple of arty hobbies that have made us the toast of Llandudno’s notoriously judgemental Cultural Quarter.

The first involves looking for interesting stickers in urban areas. We run a Tumblr site called “Football Stickers on Street Furniture”Here are some examples

Dec28 026Dec28 045 068 Aug 3 208 July 25 084Aug 7 114 nov 30 001aug 17 003

The second project is know as “Feet at Football”. It also has a Tumblr site, follow the action here.

It doesn’t matter what sort of football you watch, which level of football you watch, or the location of your match, there’s always one thing in common, feet will be in contact with a surface, either natural or man made.

The purpose is to point out the similarity of the self in all contexts, we are all united by the presence of feet at football.Here are some examples.

3 responses

29 01 2017
Thomas Maddocks

no problem, great blog!

29 10 2016

Thanks for the tip, I’ve seen them and added them to the tumblr account.

28 10 2016
Thomas Maddocks

in Rhyl there are so many. St. Pauli, AIK, Vojvodina, Wrexham many more

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