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5 03 2010

Our intrepid correspondent has made it back from the pub…..

Hello again!! I know it’s been a long time but you know how it is. You mean to write something but then you’re distracted, then you forget, then you can’t be bothered. I won’t bore you with the facts but let’s just say it was partly to do with those bitter Scousers in Llandudno’s pubs and leave at that.

Last Sunday was great, yet another final, yet another trip to Wembley. It feels great when you see your team at Wembley. Even though it’s the new Wembley I’m beginning to notice all the little details when I’m watching on TV, just like you did with the old one. It may only have been the Carling Cup Final but at least it keeps the silverware rolling in. What a comeback we saw, what a hero Michael Owen is (Just like I said he would be) Fergie what a genius!! Over thirty trophies won now ( you know, about thirty more than that fat Spanish waiter). Oh yeah, I’ll bet the Scousers were pig sick.

The semi-final was even better, we let the Cit-eh fans think they were going through and then, BAM!! They were out!!! To be in a pub to see the looks on their bitter faces makes you remember why you’re a football fan. Still waiting for that trophy eh lads!!! Better Luck Next time!!

And now I have to drop a bombshell…..I actually went to a game at Old Trafford!!!! That mate of mine finally came through with a ticket. When I got to the Theatre of Dreams I noticed a lot of yellow and green scarves were being worn. At first I thought this was a bit weird as we weren’t playing Norwich. Then I thought, oh it’s a tribute to our first Premier League title as we had a lovely green and yellow kit. When I asked someone what it was about, they said it was a protest against the American owners. I don’t see a problem with the owners – it’s not like they’ll do something stupid, you know like demolishing the ground or anything. Anyway we’ll be there after the owners, there will always be a United!!! Beside I don’t really care who owns my club as long as we win things and finish above the scousers,  in fact,  just finishing above the scousers will do.

Just when you think that it can’t get any better the scousers are blowing it good and proper. Last week they were on Channel 5 whilst we’re still in the Champions League and they still haven’t been to the new Wembley, life’s good! You can tell that life’s not good for those bitter people living in the past. They’re so bitter they didn’t even go to the pub like I do when Liverpool are playing, they think they’re too good for the UEFA Cup, they’re just glory hunters living in the past. You’ll see them if they get to the final though, the bitter twats

Now we can look forward to the rest of the season. If we get to 19 League Titles in May I’ll be dancing ‘til dawn. Just to repeat that idea, if we win the title it will be Title number 19 and that Rafa, is a fact!

Take Care,


(Ed: The Llandudno Jet Set still does not endorse the views written by this author)

Kev Price Continues…..

30 10 2009

More tales from the Premier League with our guest correspondent Kevin Price……

Hello again!! It’s Kevin here!! Well I was asked to write something last week and what a week to pick! That’s football for you, one day you’ve gone down to Club 147 to laugh at the Scousers getting beaten in Europe and a few days later and you’ve got them gloating over their jammy win.

You got to love those bitter fans of History FC, they haven’t won the League for nearly 2 decades (that’s right all you Scousers reading this, 20 years, 2 zero, that’s a fact Rafa!) yet you’d think they’d won the League last Sunday. Jesus they’re so bitter, they’re almost as bad as Citeh fans!!

And another thing, when you hear History FC fans being interviewed on Sky none of them actually come from the self pity City. An Everton fan I know, another Kev as it happens!!, says they all come from Norway anyway. It makes us laugh every time we meet up in Llandudno to watch the football; “How many of their fans are actually Scousers?” we ask ourselves, what a joke those Scousers are in Llandudno!! They  have a go at United for having no fans in United when they don’t come from the self pity City themselves. As for Citeh, I’m not worried, same old same old, bitter twats!!

Kowalski leant me Looking for Eric the other day but apart from Eric the King’s part I didn’t like it, there wasn’t enough United in it. I couldn’t go with him to watch FC United last Saturday because I was playing golf. He said it was good but last time I stood I only paid £6 and it gave me a bad back. I prefer sitting myself. Speaking of which a mate of mine has promised to get me a ticket before Christmas but he’s let me down in the past so I won’t hold out much hope. Besides it won’t matter if I don’t, I’ll watch it in 147. You get a good atmosphere in 147, there’s loads of regulars, it’s just like the match. Plus you can wind up all the Scousers who go there as well.

Well in terms of the League we may be second at the moment but that won’t be a problem, Europe, we’ll be through again no problems, we’re even through again in the League Cup. Compare that to History FC and it makes it even better, almost out of Europe and behind us again in the League. That’s a Fact you bitter Scousers.

See You soon,



(Ed: The Llandudno Jet Set does not endorse the views written by this author)

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