The Jet Set

August 2003 the time, Llandudno the place. A small but select group springs into action…….

This group could no longer tolerate inelegant or graceless behaviour. They felt an example, in terms of style and etiquette, was sorely needed for unenlightened souls; The Llandudno Jet Set was born.

The authors of this Weblog spend their time exuding charm and beauty, watching association football and fermenting revolution.

Your Authors

KowalskiOne of Llandudno’s faces. Likes football, revolution, driving quickly and French Patisserie.

Eric Blair – Applies his analytical eye and acerbic wit to a society fraying before him.

Harry Lime – The Jet Set’s finest bon-viveur. Traveller, Raconteur, Philosopher, Chancer.

Kevin Price – The Jet Set’s resident Premiership expert. Usually found in the pub talking about the beautiful game, what he hasn’t gleaned from the tabloids isn’t worth knowing!!!! “Kev” hasn’t been to a match of any description for 5 years because he “can’t get tickets”.

The ‘dudno (or ‘xxxxx)

Or to use it’s correct title; Llandudno, playground of the Jet Set.

We’re led to believe that Llandudno is “The Queen of Welsh Resorts” but all I can say for sure is “Llandudno est une petite ville touristique dans le Nord de Pays de Galles” and it must be true if i said so in our French oral exam. One claim I’ve heard is that Llandudno has than 20% of the hotel beds in the whole of Wales but this remain unverified.

Hotel beds are not the only thing that our pleasant little town is full of, it also hosts a large population of irritants. These people can be roughly divided into 2 groups;

Group 1 features Nimbies, busybodies and naysayers. They treat everything as a threat to “our” exalted status; the locals without enough money, “The Polish”, the wrong type of shopper, the cyclists, the windfarm, the goats, the cycle paths, the seagulls, the goats in back gardens, the loony left, the cyclists on the prom, New Labour’s failure to prevent bad weather, the wrong type of tourist, the PC Brigade, the wrong sort of seagulls, the cyclists on the cycle path on the prom, the windfarm and the cycling goats.

For this group there is an unbreakable link between the perception of social problems in Llandudno and the value of their properties. Luckily we can read their thoughts, through the medium of sarcasm, on the letter pages of the local press. (This group represent about 55% of Llandudno’s population). Example 1, Example 2, Example 3,

Group 2 are the people that think that Llandudno is the centre of the universe, I call them “Flat Earthers”. Basically anything that this group does is extra special because they’ve done it. Whether it’s having that delicious skinny latte, or unearthing an unknown place called Barcelona for that special lads’ weekend, or even doing something they’ve read about in Heat, they’ve planted the flag for the rest of civilisation. (35% of Llandudno’s population)

The rest of the town are either scallies (9.5% of Llandudno’s population) or the people I actually like (0.5% of Llandudno’s population).

The author of this weblog is open minded and has been to several charming places in England, so hopefully you’ll get none of the above crap on this style bible.

Why Bangor City?

Let’s start at the beginning. Bangor City are one of the oldest football clubs in the world. They may not have been always known as Bangor City but trust us on this one….. erm….. What we mean to say was they’re nearly one of the oldest football clubs in the world…..erm……… I mean……. well let’s just say they exist.

Why Bangor City though?

Firstly, our imagination was fired years ago by the snippets of Bangor matches on Saturday’s teatime news . The attraction was Farrar Road, it looked like the non-league grounds featured in the less well known stories in Roy of the Rovers. The ground felt romantic at a time when this was the only kind of romance in our lives.

We first saw the ground’s magnificence when we walked up the hill by Bangor University, it looked like a proper ground alright. When I finally set foot inside Ffordd Farrar it didn’t disappoint, it felt and looked like a ground should; fences, crash barriers, falling snow and a club shop full of delights.

Secondly, one of the faces in the Llandudno Jet Set was born with within the city boundaries of Bangor (the site is presently occupied by a branch of Matalan).

Thirdly, how could you not warm to a club with fans like Bangor? Over the years we’ve gained the experience and earned tall tales to tell; we’ve been to Wembley, Aarhus and Caersws after all. It sounds trite but we are a big and (mostly) happy group of many “characters”. Down Farrar Road you’ll meet erudite critics, drunken dancers, sullen intellectuals, surreal comedians, esoteric singing artistes and award-winning songwriters. Put simply, you’ll never meet a nicer group of people with a nicer set of flags.

Fourthly, Les Davies.

Lastly, how could you not love a club that nearly beat Napoli?

Welsh football

This blog will never mention The New Saints FC unless absolutely necessary. When they earn a mention you will see the phrase “XXX XXX XXXXXX” in place of the words “The New Saints”.

The Jet Set, politics and football

At some point in 2008 a footballer dared to express an opinion on a t-shirt. The player was Sevilla’s Frederic Kanouté and here was his statement;


He was fined for this small gesture of solidarity, This wasn’t the first fine. In 1997 Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler was also fined for revealing a T-Shirt;


Robbie was fined for expressing solidarity with sacked dockers. Somebody is trying to tell us something.

It seems to be alright that footballers run around in clothing made by companies that may (or may not) have a history of shady labour practices in heavily fortified factories. It’s definitely alright when they’re kicking a ball around that may (or may not) have been made by children in Pakistan. But then accepting these ideas is ok because that’s the way the world is, it’s not a political statement about the position of poorer societies in the world or anything. Unfortunately some dangerous heretics will go and stick their heads above the parapet of their luxuriously velvet-lined trenches to make an overtly”political” statement and get carpeted, Expressing, or wearing, a few words in the wrong place will hasten the end of civilisation!!!

We shouldn’t be surprised. If you delve a bit deeper you will notice a pattern; any form of sporting protest made against oppression/fascism/racism is marginalised. This happens for two reasons; (1) The issues are usually “too controversial” and more importantly (2) Sport must be separated from politics so that it remains pure and unsullied.

Sports fans are extremely fortunate that we have a shield of governing bodies that uphold Conrinthian sporting values. We’re lucky that the governing bodies guard against the pollution of sport in a truly altruistic manner, they would never use sport for anything as base as making money of course. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. Making money is not political, it’s just the way things are.

Here are some good examples of keeping sport and politics separate;

1973 – The USSR are drawn to play Chile in a World Cup Qualifying match. The match was scheduled to take place in a stadium that had been used as a concentration camp after a U.S. backed fascist coup, ooooops I mean neccessary military action, a few months earlier. The USSR objected and refused to play for some bleeding-heart reason like not playing in a concentration camp. FIFA did not accept the Soviet protests and expelled them. The match had to be played and it took place in a ridiculous fashion.

In 1960 Cassius Clay won an Olympic gold medal. In 1966 Muhammed Ali refused the draft in the U.S. Army. In 1967 Ali had his boxing license rescinded

1968 – Tommie Smith and John Carlos staged their famous protest against the lack of civil rights for black people in America on the podium in Mexico City. This was supported by Australian silver medalist Peter Norman (you can see the white badge he’s wearing).


The American medallists were expelled from the Mexico games and Norman was ostracised in Australia.

Of course sport should remain pure. You should not allow politics to intervene and use sport to make a point. Sport should be tolerant, sport should respect local customs;


Funnily enough the man responsible for expelling Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Avery Brundage, was also one of the people responsible for the 1936 Olympics taking place in Berlin. Of course, the Nazis didn’t use the games politically. Luckily the IOC have learnt from their mistakes because they haven’t awarded the Olympic Games to a country without an exemplary human rights record since then.

FIFA, expeller of the USSR in 1973, are another upstanding pillar of the world community. They are of course non-political and chose to hold the 1978 World Cup in a military dictatorship for non-political reasons. Luckily they can never be accused of being corrupt. Anyway corruption is not political.

Luckily we can see sport is in safe hands and it’ll never be used for anything shady. Sport is apolitical and forever should it remain so. Any use of it for political reasons is not to be tolerated, until the day that this protesting can be used to make money. Then we can all dress in revolutionary chic.


Like the Comedian said; “I like my Rock Stars Dead and my Footballers Mute”

Just sit back and consume maggots!!!

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