Wet, through

4 10 2008
Bangor City 1 Gap Connah’s Quay 0
Welsh Cup 2nd Round

Now I like rain as much as the next man but not all at once. Every bloody time I ventured out of my luxurious dwelling in the last week I’ve been drenched. It’s high time that this kind of thing has to stop, I mean what do we vote for politicians for anyway.

The final straw was today. During the first half I was “under cover” so only a few drops dripped on to my head constantly. By half time I was ready to denounce my comrades so I snapped out of that and went into the damp club shop to usher irritating children out of it.

The second half delivered the anticipated soaking; by the end of the game I felt like I’d retrieved a rubber brick from the floor of the deep end several times. I saw Phil taking photos but I had to stand in the open end getting wet so I couldn’t chat for too long. The goal came at about 75 minutes and it was a lovely side footer by Sharpy past the fabulously attired keeper, pink again. We should have won by more but at least we’re through.

Speaking about of the atmospheric condition has reminded me of this; Attention Weather fans!!! There’s only a month to go to Airbus away now, you’d better be off to the nearest sailors’ outfitters.

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