Bloody Man City

28 08 2008
FC Midtjylland 0 Manchester City 1 (FCM lost on Pens)

It was all going so well. FCM looked like they were through; they’d done most of the attacking and only bad touches in front of goal meant the score was still 0-0.

There were three minutes to go and Michael Johnson (who should have been sent off in Manchester and therefore suspeneded for tonight) decides that he wants a free kick. He gets the free kick and FCM’s attack is halted.

City are now on the attack and outside FCM’S area. There’s a cross onto Ched Evans’ head and a flick towards goal heading wide. The ball hits an unsuspecting FCM defender facing the goal on the nose and speeds past a despairing dive. The erstwhile silent City fans turn to gloat. To top it all the tosser Johnson missed his penalty in the shootout and it didn’t matter. There is no justice. There is no trip to Everton, what a shower of bastards.

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