Engels was a Bangor fan

21 08 2017

The co-author of The Communist Manifesto joins the pantheon of famous Bangor City fans.

More Bangor City fans have been found!

15 08 2012

Thanks to the fact Bangor City’s Les Davies is officially one of Europe’s best players Bangor City are officially cool. As a result Bangor are quite literally an “internet phenomonen”; at the last count roughly 460,000 people have shown their heartfelt passion for Bangor City on Social media. Mind you, it’s not just ordinary people that have declared their love, famous people have also tried to get involved.

For example Nelson Mandela………..;

……………..and Paddington Bear;

Famous Bangor City Fans

7 01 2010
Number 3
(In an occassional series)

The Scientist Charles Darwin

Famous Bangor City Fans

19 10 2009
Number 2
(In an occassional series)

The Musician John Lennon


Famous Bangor City Fans

26 08 2009
Number 1
(In an occassional series)

The Author James Joyce


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