Gloomy Football Haiku

28 11 2016

I’ve been parking my palatial motorhome on Disallusionment Drive recently, hopefully the council won’t move me on. Here are some things what I’ve written.


Stay positive they said.
I gaze at the far sunset
and see wasted life.


The hopeful eyes see.
a left foot strikes the ball
another free kick flies wide.


Pass pass pass pass pass,
pass pass pass pass pass pass pass.
Ball stays in own half.


Tiring winger’s tired cross
Keeper drops spinning ball
Open goal, post hit.

The crowd rise as one,
focussed hate finds target,
callow youth star broken


Well paid man, warm coat,
bemoans fate and conspiracy,
viewers use remote.


Angry man orders,
glares, jabs finger at teammate.
Tackled by teen sub.

A cloth flag hangs limp,
terrible joke written in bold,
Cost nearly one week’s wage.



A radio host wants calls.
Angry man speaks angry mind.
Words can’t change the past.


Happy man scores goal,
The badge kiss, a love gesture
Gone in seven months.


Ecstatic men embrace,
Two minutes left, three two lead
An Injury time defeat.


Jokes are seen and shared
Cliches added to photos,
Creativity dies.


Azure blue sky words,
Unchained riches float upward,
Hard rain soaks history.


Man sells programmes
Buy my the last two he says,
There’s more behind wall.


Ball crosses white line,
Red ! Blue! Red! Blue! Red! Blue! Red!
Rich youngsters bicker.


Technicolour sheen,
History lost in Headache hues,
Marketing drivel.


Powerful foot kicks ball,
Hand stops ball, penalty!
Ball hits man in stand.


Loud rant, Fan TV
Empty vessels echo at dock,
Like pub bore by bar.


Striker moves, space found,
A flag rises at the pitchside,
Offside, fourteenth time



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