50 ways to sack your manager Part 6

6 12 2016

With a reverential nod to Paul Simon,  here’s another 50 ways to make light of someone losing their employment status due to the fickle finger of fate.

“You’re now longer THE MAN, Jan”

“We can’t see a Gegenpressing plan, Stan.”

“I’m afraid it’s the old stab in the back, Jack” 

“You’ve got clay feet, Pete.”

“It’s time to jog on, Ron.”

“It’s the blog writers’ stats, Mats.”

“You aren’t too clever, Trevor.”

“It was the “financial fuss” Gus”

“It was the score-settling book, Brooke.”

“You’ve made the future look grim, Jim.”

“It was the tabloid sting, Glyn,”

“It was the rumours again, Glenn.”

“You’ve earned a golf break, Jake.”

“It’s the likely prison spell, Mel,”

“It was the covert mic, Spike.”

“It’s the driving ban, Stan.”

“The drugs played a part, Mart.”

“This is the fourth scandal, Randall”

“The tenth ill-advised tweet, Pete.”

“You’re in breach of contract, Jack.”

“You’re a sanctimonious prick, Vic.”

“You were fine for a while, Lyle.”

“You were shoplifting from Tesco, Francesco.”

“Your interviews were taking too long, John.”

“Your gillet’s a bit too silly, Billy.”

“The evidence ain’t slim, Jim.”

“The last post-match interview, Stu.”

“It felt like three months of sheer hell, Tel.”

“It was the appearance on Towie, Howie.”

“They were your fingerprints, Vince,”

“The Police say it was your axe, Max.”

“You just look bent, Kent.”

“It was drink driving a tank, Frank.”

“The restraining order told you not to go in, Glyn.”

“The rumours from the hotel, Mel.”

“The fans are on your back, Jack.”

“The video showed you acting like Bez, Wes.”

“You’re lying through your teeth, Keith.”

“We all need a break, Jake”

“I know you started so well, Del….”

“The mega hotel bill, Phil”

“That’s you on the dole, Joel.”

“It looks like a massive tax fraud, Gord.”

“Here’s an e-mail, Dale.”

“The press have connected the dots, Ross”

“We’re cutting you loose, Bruce.”

“It was Colombian pure, Shaw.”

“5am at the warehouse Rave, Dave.”

“This is no time to shrug, Doug.”

“We know about your ticketing scam, Tam.”

“You’re facing 3 years inside, Clyde.”

“You’re making toes curl, Earl.”

“There were too many crap games, James.”

“The office Feng Shui caused bad chi, Ste.”

“It’s the matches you threw, Lou.”

“It was the hash you grew, Stu.”

“I know the crossdressing’s a hobby, Bobby.”

“You used disabled spaces to park, Mark.”

“When you leave we’re gonna thrive, Clive.”

“Don’t come back, Zach.”

“You’re always out on the piss, Chris.”

“It was faking their will, Bill.”

“You promised it’d never happen again, Ben.”




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