Righties eh!!! You just can’t make them up!!!

8 12 2013

I’ve had an amazing moment of clarity in the last week, righties don’t actually believe what they say.

The moment had two parts. Firstly I realized that as righties are mostly sentient beings they must realise that a lot of their ideas are just too stupid, or outlandish, to be taken seriously. Let us turn to a couple of illustrations.

In Jeremy Clarkson’s latest piece of thoughtful journalism for Murdoch’s tabloid-sized comic he apparently said that he would like the Welsh language to be abolished, (Sadly, this wasn’t even new piece of rubbish but a mere repetition from a couple of years ago.) Why would anyone with even the slightest intelligence say something like that? Who the hell can be actually offended by the use of a language by its speakers? Who actually gets angry at “long place names“, “incomprehensible voweless rubbish” and “spittle covered road signs“?

Katie Hopkins is the woman who tells it like it is. She’s the woman that thinks that christian names highlight IQ levels and that it’s ok to forget you childrens’ birthdays if you’re climbing the corporate ladder. She’s the woman that will never employ fatties and says that women are responsible for the fact that women are underpaid. She’s the woman that tweets crap like this;

“Life expectancy in Scotland 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do  anything to avoid working until retirement.”

What kind of person is actually offended by the fact that some people that are different? It’s not going to be a thoughtful person is it?

There must be more to their attitude, so we came to the second part of my realization; if righties can’t possibly believe what they’re saying they must be attention seekers motivated by the thought of causing lefties gratuitous offence and outrage.  All that righteous indignation and bluster is a mere smokescreen for the glee they feel at annoying people. If they weren’t that way inclined, why would they glory in blinkered stupidity?

You can see both parts of my realization in the righties’ attitude about Thatcher; she’s the deity that cured cancer, turned water in to wine and brought peace to the world.

In his ill-conceived and misleading short series for BBC2 about the Cold War ‘historian” Dominic Sandbrook contended that Mrs. T was the main reason that the cold war ended. He came to this conclusion despite being educated in the intellectual rigour of an Oxbridge institution.

August academia taught me that the cold war, like all important historical events, was ended by a combination of factors; the USSR’s economic backwardness, the USA’s increased military spending, the outlook of Reagan and the policies of Gorbachev.  If I’ve misrepresented Sandbrook’s intellectual sloppiness and stupid righty revisionism I’m not going to apologise, I’m just returning the favour. Sandbrook’s mini-series may not be the first time he’s twisted facts and impressions as he’s rumoured to be the “brains” behind the Daily Mail’s article about Ed Milliband.

There was more stupid righty revisionism and gratuitous offence causing when Nelson Mandela passed away last week. While the world mourned Mandela’s passing and celebrated his noble outlook, righties were keen to highlight “his other side”. For example the so-called rising star of UKIP,  Alexandra Swann, was responsible for this beauty of a tweet;

“Mandela is Dead. Sympathy for his family but let’s not deify one who condoned terrorism”

Another righty with similar views was Lee Jenkins, the proudly self-described “rumoured love-child of General Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher”. He wrote this article.

It would be interesting to see if these righties regard the anti-Nazi resistence in Norway, France, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union in the same way. These resistance groups would have certainly appeared to be terrorists in the eyes of the Nazis. If Britain had been invaded, and then liberated, would Andrew Roberts, the doyen of righty “what if? history”, have regarded the British partisans as terrorists? Wasn’t Mandela fighting a regime that came the same ideological well as Nazism?

Some righties even connected Thacher and Mandela in a pleasant way. I came across one such person on twitter, @Bruciebabe, when he tweeted;

 “Frederik Willem de Klerk and Margaret Thatcher did far more to end apartheid than Nelson Mandela did. Absolute fact.”

I couldn’t resist indulging him so I asked him to explain himself, he directed me to google Baron Renwick of Clifton so I did as instructed. I not only found out that he was one of Thatcher’s diplomats I also found a review of his book about his time with Thatcher. Hmmmmmm, Brucie Baby was basing his argument on, and I quote; “a study of Thatcher’s foreign policy, (that) fails to live up to its promise. The book lacks sharpness & focus”?  By the way this isn’t my opinion, it’s The Daily Telegraph’s.

I asked him whether the opinions of Peter Hain or ordinary South Africans clouded his world view but he held firm;

“I know more than most South Africans. One of the senior diplomats involved in ending apartheid is a friend.”

I asked him whether the reality of the situation clouded his world view;

“……She (Thatcher) is opposed to economic sanctions in any form, and even to the threat of sanctions, because she believes that they would not work and would damage Britain’s extensive economic interests.” (Again this isn’t my opinion, it’s the opinion of The Times via The Margaret Thatcher Foundation.)

He wouldn’t have it. Thatcher’s tacit support for Apartheid – blocking sanctions to avoid harming Britain’s extensive economic interests – simply wasn’t part of his narrative. When he labelled me as “utterly ignorant and Brainwashed with hate,” I realized that I can no longer take these cranks seriously.

There are two ways to look at this. On the negative side, how will I get enjoyment out of twitter now that righty cranks have rendered political discussion dissatisfying. On the plus side, at least I’ll be saved from any more pointless twitter arguments. Having said that…….



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