So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 15

10 12 2013

This part is basically a continuation of part 11, in that it’s entirely dedicated to the silky smooth PR industry;

59. “Budweiser Hosts the FIFA World Cup™ Draw”

It’s amazing how everyone in this piece of PR bollocks conforms to my stereotype of “Banter User”.

I hate to do this to you PR people but, handing a person a brand new woolly hat, a few badges and some clichéd lines doesn’t instantly turn them in to a proper fan.

Budweiser did the same thing in other cities around the world as well; Moscow, Sao Paolo, New York  and  Mexico City, but the people aren’t as annoying in the other cities.

I love the way everybody in the videos uses the world cup’s official title; “FIFA World Cup” when they’re talking about the world cup because this prevented confusion with the recent rugby league version of a world cup.

60. “Heineken Invites Soccer Fans to ‘Share the Sofa’

Imagine at the possibilities presented by this tweet;

“Got a question you’d like to shoot at football legend Owen Hargreaves? Ask away at #sharethesofa on 10th December as he defends the sofa.“

What an intriguing possibility “defend the sofa” sounds like,  stop sniggering you!!! If you’re wondering what “Share the Sofa” might be, it’s another PR coup;

“Since soccer fans are likely to have a mobile device in one hand and a beer in the other this season, Heineken is doing its best to infiltrate both.

Hence the brewer’s latest second-screen campaign, #sharethesofa, a months-long campaign that coincides with the European soccer season. The program, starting Wednesday, lets fans interact with soccer stars via that hashtag. The initiative kicks off with Ruud Gullit, a Dutch player who will be participating in a live interview. Fans can also play a video game with Gullit. Heineken has more than a dozen other players queued up for the effort, though it hasn’t revealed their identities.

The program also includes “random acts of kindness” from Heineken to fans who use that hashtag, including a surprise visit from a soccer star who will actually share a fan’s sofa during a game.

Heineken estimates that 70% of viewers of the UEFA Champions League watch with a device at home alone and 77% of tablet owners have their tablets handy during matches. The UCL is one of the top three most-tweeted events of the year, according to the company.

Despite those figures, marketers are still trying to figure out how to fuse Twitter and sports. One notable attempt was #hitthewinner, a Twitter-based game that rewarded fans for guessing the correct square on the court where Andy Murray’s shots would land during Wimbledon. Heineken, meanwhile, has run some innovative Twitter campaigns including #emojibandnames, which challenged fans to decode emoji puzzles and #tweetforatable, which handed out free Valentine’s Day dinner reservations to hapless male suitors.”

They sell it like this on Twitter;




It’s good job that fans don’t have third or fourth hands as heineken would find PR related uses for them too.

So the champions league group stage has become the “HEINEKEN ROAD TO THE FINAL” I imagine it’s a road that’s lit by gazprom-powered streetlights and covered by tarmac that’s financed by an innovative public-private partnership involving unicredit. Hurrah for capitalism!!!

61. “One Day fans will wonder “Why did we ever went to stadiums without smartphone connectivity?”

“Welcome to Fan Engagement!

The game is changing rapidly. Fan engagement is becoming increasingly important in the world of sports. Your fans demand more interaction and they are constantly raing the bar of expectations. It’s fair to conclude: there is an evolution happening in the world of sports. In ten years, fans will look back and wonder “Why did we ever went to stadiums without smartphone connectivity, no seat service and with all those traffic jams”

From here

62. Kobe and Messi: How Viral Marketing Sausage Is Made

Find out here.




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