Jump, jump, jump

18 12 2008

Just in case you’ve been on a desert island, the ones with insufficient media outlets, the world’s economy is in the toilet. Speaking as an unqualified economist I think that we can safely pin the blame onto greedy bastards in the financial sector. Now I’ve only got history to back me up so this may be shaky reasoning.

Just in case you’re in charge of a  merchant bank, with insufficient access to any media and a black void where your heart used to be, the economy is in the toilet. My advice to you, if your one of these thrusting individuals, is to reward your workers. You must attract the best people  and then motivate them to produce more brilliant results. In order to gain the maximum PR success I’d suggest you wait until your bank makes a loss and millions of people are worried for their jobs. Oh, you already have.

Here’s some more free advice.



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