The curtain lifts

16 12 2008

There was a time, not so long ago, when this country had enemies. These enemies were ready to fire nuclear missiles at us at the drop of a hat. These enemies didn’t like our prosperity, didn’t like out lifestyles and didn’t like our politics. These enemies weren’t just our enemies either, they were the enemies of anyone interested in freedom.

The citizens of these enemy countries were just a grey mass. They trudged about on their collective farms and in their factories. They didn’t get to buy the same breakfast cereal as us and they were aliens in 30-year-old clothing. Fun was forbidden in their societies. 

This was the common view of Eastern Europe as I grew up. However it doesn’t take much for this picture to be altered. They might have been automatons but they did have some social life, they even played football!!. Look at this evidence;

You can find loads of them here




Bild 183-52004-0003





Bild 183-1987-0411-021

Bild 183-1987-1226-016




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