What’s got up my goat this week?

9 02 2014

a.k.a…….So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 28

107. This sodding t-shirt


If I was the kind of person that thought their weekends were proper weekends I’d put my key in the lock and snap the end off. In the solitude of isolation I’d go in my sitting room, sit in my favourite chair and have a long, hard think about the futility of my existence.

108. More twitter rubbish

BBC Wales’ rugby department tweeted this last night;

@BBCScrumV We’ve been joined by a Vincent Tan flash mob for the #ScrumV radio forum pic.twitter.com/jWp7YqBxP4

The tweet included this photo


Jesus Christ, is nothing sacred nowadays, even gobshite owners are turned in to figures of fun. While we’re on the subject of gobshite owners Phil tweeted this photo last night;


As Phil said, blue is now “officially retro” for Cardiff City.

109. 2014, the year of Brazilian clichés

I found a photo of Brazilian dancers this week. I defy you to look at it and not hear Clive Tyldesley”s pre-prepared lines about samba and smiles.


To the summer, hurrah!!!

To the shots of scantily clad ladies, hurrah!!!

To the shots of people in Brazil shirts gurning at the cameras, hurrah!!!!

To the shots of the rich and attractive Brazilians enjoying their access to the world cup, hurrah!!!

To the thought of Blatter telling us all that matters is the spirit of football bringing people from across the world together, hurrah!!!

To the official sponsors, hurrah!!!



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