You can’t keep good men down!!

22 02 2010

After last week’s decision about the date of  the League Cup Final you’ll be delighted to hear that the FAW have decided not to rest on their laurels. Yesterday they ordered that a match (Bala Town v Llanelli) should be postponed. There are two schools of thought regarding this;

1. Llanelli’s players faced extreme weather;

“Today’s match between Bala Town and Llanelli has been postponed due to treacherous wintry conditions and snowbound roads between South and North Wales. Many of the Llanelli players were snowbound at their homes in South Wales and were unable to travel to Bala. Reds manager, Andy Legg, was also stranded at his home in Nottingham.” (Direct from Llanelli’s website).

2. Llanelli didn’t fancy travelling up to Bala. Travelling would jeopardise their chance of winning against a “tricky” Bala side, a Bala victory would represent a small setback for their hopes of becoming champions.

Of course the bitter and cynical people of the world will choose the latter option as the real reason but then we would wouldn’t we?

You can’t help thinking that vested interests are behind some of the decisions they make, like when to apply the benefit of the doubt for example. Witness Haverfordwest in 2004,  they were punished for the same offence that Llanelli have just perpetrated, and that was even when they produced photos and evidence from the police stating that snow prevented them from travelling. Hence they want their £500 back. Witness Caersws’ residency in the Welsh Premier League. Witness fines handed out and blind eyes turned for the same offences. And don’t try to tell me that XXX XXX XXXXXX haven’t fixed their European draws to get a bumper payout….

I demand that Bangor be allowed to play when we decide, and I demand that right now!! Otherwise, it’s insurrection for you Deakin!!!




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