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31 10 2011

Thanks to a single picture of Gareth Bale the slippery slope is now in view.

I’m not complaining that some sportsman have been given the chance to become olympians – If you gave me the chance to become an Olympian I’m sure I’d take it – I’m complaining that olympian status of certain sportsman could be used a precedent further down the line. I’m complaining about  the prospect that the personal glory of 3 or 4 sportsmen  (the only Welsh players considered good enough to be an GB olympic squad) could cost millions of people the chance to follow a national team of their choosing in the future.

Just by playing in a two-week football tournament Welsh players would be creating a precedent that some people would want to refer to. These people would use the fact that Welsh players (plus Scots & N. Irish) have played for a single British national team as a stick to beat Wales (as well as Scotland & N.Ireland). They would say that “Well you did it once and that didn’t hurt, why can’t you do it all the time?”. Then the Welsh national team would cease to exist.

This is not scaremongering, some people in the world of football believe that it’s illogical that Wales (as well as Scotland & N.Ireland) play as separate countries. If Blatter or whoever is chasing votes to become president then it’s amazing what they’ll promise, and nothing gets in the way of making money.

You can’t trust slippery fuckers like Blatter anyway. On this particular issue at first he said a GB team would pose a threat to the independence of the four home associations, then he said that it would not.

I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want to support the same national team as the EDL and the BNP. I’m sure I’ve said this before but no-one is listening.

” They” all think how great it would be to have a GB football team, “they” all think we’re being narrow-minded,” they” all think we’re stuck in the mud. These people are twats, don’t listen to them.

To send a message to them here’s a new flag for the olympics, a flag that shows what a lot of  people feel about the prospect of a Team GB football team;

By the way lads, if you’re going to moan about the denial of your chance to be a olympian, save it for the autobiographies.


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