Conwy 6-a-side League Week 2

13 10 2008

Llandudno Jet Set 1 The Transformers 0

A week is long time in football and the intellectuals are now the smiling instead of fuming.

Where there was despondency, now there is hope, where there were no points, now there are three.

The teams lined up for kick-off and the scallies seemed to know the ref, aaahh so it was going to be one of those games.

The scallies attacked the intellectuals with all the gusto they could master but the Jet Set held firm.  Having been coaxed out of retirement Kowalski was in good form, he even managed to hold a conversation with a friend behind the goal. Then the intellectuals struck!!!! Dan passed the ball into the goal. 1-0!!!! The lead was never to leave the possession of the Jet Set.

Thanks to his bravery Kowalski reminded one of a young Yashin, the Transformers reminded one of the darkest days of cynicism; a Jet Set player was never left unleaned upon. Strangely the ref never penalised this. 1-0 Half-time.

At the start of the second half the Transformers were able to replenish their numbers with fresh players, fresh from pilfering in the local supermarket no doubt. The players that had been replaced left the pitch muttering about how they should be murdering the Jet Set, oooh purleeese.

The second half developed into a pattern; the Jet Set engineered one on one situation after one on one situation but missed every one, the Scallies took shot after shot from their own half but missed every one. The second half became rather elongated due to the understanding between one team and the ref.

Then the whistle blew, VICTORY!!!

The Jet Set are on the march, still no new shirts.


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