The trouble with scumbags and Hillsborough………..

26 04 2016

I wrote this 3 and a half years ago. Judging by twitter it still seems relevant today

………is that the truth isn’t enough for them.

A little over twenty three years ago the Lord Justice Taylor found that the main cause of the Hillsborough disaster was the failure of police control, a…;

“…Lack of effective monitoring of the terraces.”

The Hillsborough Independent Panel (Report published yesterday) also found that  “lack of police control” was the main cause of the disaster. The panel’s general findings make shocking reading;

  • A swifter response from the authorities could have saved 41 people.
  • A Tory MP and Senior Police officers were responsible for the cover-up by spreading false allegations; namely alcohol consumption played a massive part in the disaster).
  • Up to 164 Police Statements were doctored to hide the truth and 116 had potentially damaging comments removed
  • Police records were checked in case they could be used to impugn the reputations of dead Liverpool fans

The most satisfying finding of the panel was that Liverpool fans were not responsible for the disaster, especially as this was an unequivocal judgement.  We can rely on the findings of the panel because they had access to over 450,000 pages of documents. Unfortunately “The Worst cover-up in British legal history”, as the prominent QC Mike Mansfield put it, prevented the truth from emerging for twenty three years.

To say that I was elated at the findings would be an understatement, I’ve had to listen to snide comments for longer than I care to remember and the truth cuts through snide comments like a scimitar. I was elated for the campaigners as well because their hard work had finally paid off but I was mainly elated for the families of the victims.

My dad’s death has given me an understanding of the impact of such a horrible event upon a family. I can’t imagine the pain of having to deal with the loss of a family member when that family member is being subjected to a disgusting  public vilification as well. The families have finally been proved correct, there aren’t enough words to express how right this is.

The report led to obvious apologies from the groups responsible for the creation of the myth of the Hillsborough tragedy;  the South Yorkshire Police, a Conservative Prime Minister and Kelvin McKenzie. They all said they were truly sorry. Mind you there was nothing else they could do, the report was damning.

Even though those in the right have been vindicated there’s still a nasty taste. It took 20 years of pressure to start the process of finding the truth. It took 23 years for people to do the decent thing and admit they did something wrong.  The actions of South Yorkshire Police, McKenzie and Thatcher allowed the innocent victims of gross negligence to be labelled as scumbags that caused their own deaths.

The “profuse apology” offered by the shitbag MacKenzie can’t undo the damage he caused by helping in the creation of the Hillsborough myth. It cannot undo the snide comments or the attitudes. The shitbag McKenzie helped to create such a plausible myth that some people are still unwilling to believe the truth.

Some scumbags still want to believe that Liverpool fans caused Hillsborough, they still want carry on with vitriolic attacks on Scousers because they are Scousers. For example I typed “Scousers” and “Hillsborough” into the Twitter Search box yesterday, this is what I found;

    • From @chrisallan24 @JamesB4595: Scousers should shut the fuck up, Hillsborough was there own fault not anyone elses..” @PonderThePoint @ScouseAmbasador
    • From @JohnpaulBarker  Documentary about Hillsborough on BBC1? If it wasn’t for the scousers we could stand. 
    • From @AlexHolcroft1  Scousers getting arsey when #jft39 is said, how is that mocking hillsborough though? 
    • From  @grimreaperblog  What happened at Hillsborough was terrible. No one’s saying it isn’t. But why do Scousers keep dragging this up over and over again? 
    • From @samwhufc  – As sad as it is that 96 innocent people died at hillsborough no one is to blame but the scousers themselves that continued to surge forward!
    • From @NMBLAKE The sooner Liverpool fans accept their part of the blame for the Hillsborough tragedy the better. BC was right. Part police. Part scousers. 
    • From @s64morrison  – Duno how the police r gettin all the blame for hillsborough disaster. If the scousers didn’t turn up without tickets it wouldn’t of happened
    • From @trickyred7980  – 2 major football disasters (hillsborough + heysel) involving the scousers ….. coincidence? #lfc
      From @KeenosAFC  – Hillsborough would not of happened if the Scousers didn’t turn up on mass. Istanbul. Emirates. #JFT96
    • From @DanMoore90 Don’t blame it on the scousers, don’t blame it on juve, don’t blame it on the police, BLAME it on chelsea. Justice for the 39
      + From @iandangerously  What happens if the scousers don’t like the answers they get today? More protests and petitions? and if they were right what does it solve?
      + From @Joe_GodfreyMCFC  Scousers are like Muslims, say the slightest little thing about them and that’s it you’re a Nazi, racist etc. etc.
The people who tweeted these tweets are supposedly football fans from a civilised country yet these twats cannot even function at the most basic level of human decency. They don’t see victims of gross negligence, or a cover-up. They don’t see fellow human beings, or devastated families. Instead they see people who support a football club they don’t like, they see horrible scousers full of self-pity, they see horrible scousers that got what they deserved.

When football fans behave like this I wish football simply didn’t exist. I’d imagine that they wouldn’t like their families judged in this manner. A really disgusting thing happens when you press cunts like this, they justify their disgustingly warped attitudes. For example;

(All tweets were from @NigelfromUK)
 I think there are a lot of Scousers that are using the Hillsborough scandal to cover up there own actions & hide behind the victims.”
Followed by;
“we all forget Hysell disaster, there are a few that now hide behind Hillsborough to cover up earlier problems”
“you deny Liverpool fans running riot at Hysell? I’m stating the stereotype that we were led to believe.”
“all I’m saying “some” Liverpool fans that day have to take responsibility for there own actions ……..”
Before ending here;
“so you telling me that not one Liverpool fan that day did anything wrong, anything that MAY of assisted in what happened?”
This prick of a Manchester United fan wouldn’t accept the idea that TWO STUDIES of the Hillsborough disaster had exonerated the Liverpool fans. All he was interested in was finding sustenance for his hatred of Liverpool and self-pitying Scousers. Mind you, he wasn’t the only person taking this view, some “person” called Dave Lodwig left the following message on the When Saturday Comes facebook page;
 “If there was one LFC fan (drunk or otherwise) with no ticket who rushed the gate – one – then it cannot be said to be 100% the authorities fault. Today no-one is allowed to say this though. It’s Orwellian. And frightening.”
Where do you start with people who are unwilling to let the prejudices go even when there is overwhelming evidence that proves their prejudices are wrong. Quite frankly I hate football for allowing people act in this way.



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1 10 2012

(Not that the available evidence leaves open any possibility of ticketlessness anyway. The Health & Safety Executive studied all the available video and admissions evidence in the weeks after the Disaster and concluded that the attendance on the Leppings Lane terrace was *below* the ticket allocation. Therefore, for ticketless fans to be there, a coincidentally similar number of people with tickets must have mysteriously decided just not to show up. Is that really more likely than just the fans getting being ticket-holders? Even if this unlikely scenario were true, it would still mean that ticketlessness didn’t cause the Disaster, because the ticketlessness would still not have caused the terrace to go over capacity.)

1 10 2012

What gets up my nose about people using phrases like ‘Orwellian’ to object to being corrected when they make ignorant remarks about Hillsborough is that they don’t even grasp what ‘Orwellian’ means. A crucial part of Orwell’s point of view was not just suppression of criticism (not that mere counter-argument is suppression anyway), but the way that state propaganda would so often contradict physical facts, and even try to claim control of physical facts. The physical facts of Hillsborough, embodied by copious evidence, are unambiguous, and leave no reasonable opening for doubt. The police were seriously negligent, and the ground was unsafe. There is no serious possibility that ticketlessness played any role in causing the Disaster, and it does not need to be included in the necessary ‘equations’ to get what happened to make sense. There is nothing ‘Orwellian’ about pointing to the evidence that establishes these facts. What is ‘Orwellian’ is actually trying to maintain the contrary position in the face of the most palpable facts. That is what the SYP apologists are doing, not the supporters of the HFSG.

Even more, you don’t even need that much information to realise that the ticketless masses idea is ridiculous; you’d have to be a complete idiot, willfully so or just brainless, to believe that story, because of one very obvious flaw in it; WHEN EXACTLY WAS IT DISCOVERED THAT HUNDREDS OF FANS WERE TICKETLESS? Did the Police search all of the hypothetical hundreds of fans who (supposedly) arrived in the last five minutes, and find out? Well wow, that was quick work in a big pressure crush! And having found out that so many of the ‘late arrivals’ were ticketless, the Police then decided to open the exit gate and convey them all into the stadium, instead of just turning them away? (To say nothing of the reality that the crush outside the turnstiles actually formed around 2:35pm anyway.)

People still really believe such a preposterous story? Even after the HIP’s Report, these bigots still believe it? For crying out loud, never mind decency, when are these people going to stop being so *stupid*?

22 09 2012
Louise Owen

I had an argument on the bus today with a very well-to-do, radio 4 listening, old man who thought the new panel report was a “whitewash to quieten down the families”. There was no persuading him otherwise.

22 09 2012
Jackie Hill

Great piece
22m Nigel ‏@NigelfromUK
Everytime you tweet “Hillsbro” 😉 Some SB sends you a link to the report.
Retweeted by jackie

13 09 2012

Thanks, I can’t believe that some people think the way they do.

13 09 2012
Dublinicus Minimus (@dublindee)

Great piece mate.

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