“The pressure of forced cheerfulness” A.K.A “How to lose twitter followers”

26 07 2015

I want to tell you a story.

And lo, this season, I mean 2015-2016 here, four brave football clubs did traverse the cut throat world of European competition and lo, there was some success.

And lo, two did progress through a round, one did lose on away goals in injury time of the second leg and the other did do a draw in Croatia.

And lo, everyone was deliriously happy with a fervour that bordered on religious fanaticism.

Sadly when some people found out about the one that did succumb to an injury time away goal they took to twitter with poison in their fingers. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA” they tweeted.

And lo, these people were labelled childish and bitter and lost twitter followers.

….Just to reiterate at this point in the story, apart from those bitter individuals everyone was happy, deliriously happy, there’s absolutely no question about that, so don’t……..

….And lo, everyone was deliriously happy for the league was getting better exponentially and the coefficient points did increase  exponentially and the summer crowds did show that crowds were increasing exponentially.

And lo, everything in the garden was rosy and everyone was happy, deliriously happy.

And lo, a day after the glorious summer’s Indian summer the true believers looked up, through the cold autumn mist, and realised there was nothing there, apart from the temple of the successful.

And lo, they noticed that the temple looked slightly different, for there was a glinting, glittering quality that hadn’t been there before.

And lo, they inched warily forward towards the palatial building. Upon reaching it they used the tasteful alabaster and gold pillars to steady themselves and saw that the glinting glitter was the new solid gold window frames.

And lo, they looked through the windows and closely inspected the contents of the biggest room. The luxurious fixtures and fittings that they knew, loved and purchased cheap copies had been replaced by even more sumptuous luxury. They also noticed the recently improved security system.

And lo, they were no longer deliriously happy, they quickly realised they were like the lowly party member on an official tour of Ceausescu’s palace in 1982.




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