It’s literally about respect

21 07 2015

When he decided not to turn 90 degrees James McLean committed another of his trademarked free thinking booboos.

One of those professional journalists that’s paid to write outraged words spoke for all decently outraged decent people when he ejaculated some righteous indignation. “Cast him into the wide blue yonder for he is a wrong ‘un!!” was the gist.

He literally spoke for the twitter intelligentsia;

@JamesMcC14 happily takes our money though. What high morality #hypocrit

@birminghammail James McClean not to proud to accept English money from an English club in England though !!!!!!

“So, what the f*ck is James McClean’s problem?”

@JamesMcC14 if our flag isn’t good enough, and neither is our anthem … Piss off out of the country”

“Bigot James McClean happy to play for BRITISH club take BRITISH MONEY yet can’t respect countries anthem other people’s anthems are played..”4

@JamesMcC14 if so against the English don’t earn your living here… Simple son simple….”

“@lsimp77 @JamesMcC14 I have a history degree. I imagine I’m more informed vis-à-vis the troubles.”

We must respect the intricately crafted arguments of these forward thinkers. It’s difficult to think just how he’s going to look his fellow human beings in the face now that he hasn’t turned 90 degrees to face a holy piece of cloth fluttering in the American summer breeze,

it would be bad enough if he just disrespected all by doing that but it turns out that he’s employed by a business that, due to the vagaries of historical events, exists in the area that’s represented by that holy piece of cloth, and lest we forget, everyone else was doing it.

How can he accept being paid by a club that’s funded by a league with a multinational media company as owner-operator and not turn 90 degrees to literally respect the holy words of support for slightly enlightened feudalism? How can he not respect our holy piece of cloth especially when it literally died for us to have the right to use the banter.

We need to constantly respect the holy words of our holy anthem ’cause those words literally bled for us and literally invented the idea of British freedom that gives us the right to be literally free and think literally what we want. The holy flag of blood and the holy words of pride in never-ending feudalism are literally the lifeblood of our thoughts and common decency.

This sorry episode begs the immortal question;  “If James McClean is so ashamed of the holy British flag he stands at 90 degrees to it why does he speak English in the first place?”, yeah that and “Why the fuck are they playing national anthems at pre-season friendlies?”

If I were a pro footballer I’d turn my back on politicians at cup finals and stencil slogans on my shirt but I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in this day and week. Footballers are meant be social more respecting automatons, just like they were in the good old days.


If you want to make it now as a professional football athlete you have to limit yourself to arguing with your fellow millionaires about throw ins and concentrate on not being “an absolute disgrace”. That’s not much of a life is it?



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