I have a special power!

31 12 2014

Last week I watched Back To The Future, on Sunday I discovered my new superpower – I am able to watch matches from the future – I’m not sure whether these things are connected.

I went to watch Tranmere on Sunday as an unsuspecting member of the public. I despaired as an unsuspecting member of the public when two Northampton gobshites chanted “Tranmere’s shithole, I want to go home ……(Drunken pause for breath)…… We’re Northampton Town, we’ll do what we want!!” on the Rock Ferry platform. I queued up for a ticket as an unsuspecting member of the public. I casually asked “Can I have a ticket for the Kop please?” as an unsuspecting member of the public. I entered the ground for Tranmere Rovers v Northampton as an unsuspecting member of the public.

I watched the match as an unsuspecting member of the public and everything felt normal. The Rockford Files theme was played, the teams ran out, all the Northampton fans sang their risible banter. The twattish sociology from the Midlands had its comeuppance when Tranmeere won this clash of the titans. Ha ha. Like I said, a normal day.

When I arrived home I noticed something strange. I had watched a match from the future!!

On the 28th December I hadn’t actually watched Tranmere v Northampton League Two match from 28th December, I had watched the Tranmere v Swansea City FA Cup 3rd match from 3rd January 2015;

dec 31 004

I’m not going to tell you the score as all of the online betting companies have placed an injunction upon me.

I prefer to think I have a new superpower rather than consider the idea that the ticket office made a simple mistake or the turnstile operator forgot to check the ticket properly.




5 responses

1 01 2015

Am a tranmere fan and wouldnt blame you. The more fans the better for us causing an upset. maybe

1 01 2015

That ain’t my style.

1 01 2015

You need to contact the club and say you accidentally handed in the wrong ticket got the Northampton game you might then get another ticket for the Swansea tie = JACKPOT

31 12 2014

The ball is round, as they say.

31 12 2014
Jac o' the North

So Tranmere will beat the Swans?

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