Mate, mate, mate!!!!!! Friday night is footy night mate. LOL!!!!

12 12 2014

Earlier today the premier league announced their plans to televise Friday evening matches from 2016. Some people like the idea;

@SimonClark8 – “Friday night football is the next logical step for the @premierleague. Happens in most European countries. Good way to start a weekend!”

@ayush_1901 – Great that PL will have Friday late nights rather Monday. Don’t need to wake up on Saturday anyway. PL putting fans interest first :P”

@darren_tenerife – “@richardajkeys The exiting news from the UK is premier league games on a Friday night from 2016 and a massive 168 televised games a year.”

Those with a soul don’t like the idea. Labour’s Andy Burnham tweeted this;

Can’t believe they now want Premier League on Friday nights. Yet again, football puts interests of armchair fans over those who go the game.”
Those that like the idea replied;
@HarryCNN – @andyburnhammp Considering that ratio is 50,000 or so at the game compared to around a billion or more watching on TV, isn’t it fair enough?”
@jarekd“@andyburnhammp @mattslaterbbc erm, Friday night games would surely be more popular for uk tourism than a Monday night??”
Needless to say the gobshites also replied;
@ChrisRogers123 – @andyburnhammp Typical Champagne socialist. Forget those who can’t afford to go. Nob.”
@WaheemSterling – @andyburnhammp ”Armchair fans” are the ones who put over £1bn TV money into the Premier League”

@NealKinsman · @andyburnhammp we pay are broadband to watch it so why shouldn’t they you bellend.”

@MrTempletonPeck @andyburnhammp @martynziegler I’m an armchair fan. Are you against people like me?”
This is what those of us with a soul have to deal with. If the lack of social conscience or feeling for football culture and history isn’t bad enough there’s the overbearing sense of entitlement. If I was Mr. Burnham I’d have sent @MrTempletonPeck this reply;
“I am against people like you because philistines like you are unaware you’ve strangled the humane spirit of football.”

Sadly I’m not Mr. Burnham. Can you imagine watching the match down the pub with “these people”.  While you’re trying to watch the red hot footy action they’d be creating memes or pestering you for the banter every 30 seconds. Call me mad if you like but I actually like to listen to the critical voices in my head and quaff my pint of fizzy cider in peace. Hell is other people.

Just when you think you’re out, they push you further away. It’s a good job the premier league no longer needs me.



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