It’s Poppytime™ again

30 10 2014

It’s almost November, cue the poppy related social media outrage!

>@Snowmonkey78 – “My overcrowded train is decidedly short of people wearing poppies, cmon peeps show your appreciation”
>@HML2311 – “If people will insist on wearing the poppies with the leaf, could they please point the leaf in the right direction??#PoppyAppeal #BBC”
>@Tara_Hewitt – “White Poppies are “about egos of those people wearing them” red poppies are about the memory of those who defended our nation #poppyappeal”
>colonel gadeafi ‏@BennyFreer – “It really irritates me that so many people have stopped wearing poppies!”
>@liamg4565 – “The amount of people not wearing poppies these days is shocking #armedforces #respect

Needless to say some football fans add their own spin.

@dj_gor – “It’s that time o year again when I think to myself, if I was a football manager, I’d immediately transfer anyone who refused to wear a poppy”
British football is once again going to willingly involve itself in “Remembrance Oneupmanship”, the zero sum game created by our right wing media. Firstly, the walls around White Hart Lane have been disrespectful for far too long;

Tottenham create a Poppy wall outside White Hart Lane as they offer their support to the British Legion Poppy Appeal (Daily Mail article)

Secondly, we need football voices to guide us during Poppytime™.

Arsene Wenger and John Terry to voice London Underground announcements

The voices of Arsene Wenger and John Terry will be heard making announcements on the London Underground tomorrow as part of London Poppy Day.

Mikel Arteta, Andros Townsend, Joey Barton, Rob Green, Scott Parker, Dan Burn and Ben Davies will also voice announcements at stations near their respective London clubs in aid of the Royal British Legion’s annual appeal.”

There are probably more suitable candidates for the job than John Terry and Joey Barton, what’s wrong with the generic voice they use for speaker announcements?

There will be shirt poppies again and like last year they’ll be the athletic performance aiding iron on versions rather than the scratchy embroidered versions that may momentarily cause the wearer of the shirt to pause and contemplate why they’re wearing them on their shirts. Rather worryingly “Remembrance Oneupmanship” is spreading beyond the boundaries of professional football;
@BridTownAFC – “The Poppy’s for our shirts have arrived today, thanks to everyone who helped pay for them. #YourTownYourTeam
@hassocksfc – “We will proudly be wearing out @Poppies4Kits poppies for Remembrance Day on all kits
@Deborah71 – “@Poppies4Kits.- “Washington Afc Lions (u8)will be wearing our poppies with pride for our games on 8th Nov#PeelStickPlay
A group called “Poppies 4 Kits” are responsible for popularising the iron on poppy transfers;
@clubwebsite – “Want your team to wear a poppy on your shirts this #RemembranceDay weekend? Check out @Poppies4Kits – all proceeds to the @PoppyLegion.”
@McArdleSportTec – “Want your team to wear a poppy on your shirts this #RemembranceDay weekend? @Poppies4Kits – all proceeds to the @PoppyLegion @crowmarshfc”
Poppies 4 Kits are connected to the British Legion and they want everybody to get involved;
So we’ve developed an easily applied self-adhesive woven patch that players can wear for a match or a couple of matches and remove afterwards.

Even spectators can apply these poppies to their garments to show support for their team as well as an excellent cause.

They may feel that their desire is commendable but look at their hashtag.
@Deborah71 – “@Poppies4Kits.- “Washington Afc Lions (u8)will be wearing our poppies with pride for our games on 8th Nov#PeelStickPlay
A hashtag may allow the twitter generation to get involved in something with making any effort but the “oh look how easy it is!!!” nature of #PeelStckPlay highlights that Poppies 4 Kits is essentially a counter-productive gesture. The commemoration of the commencement of the First World War’s needless slaughter requires contemplation rather than easy conformity with the oppressive atmosphere driven by our right wing media. There should be a different way to do things.



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