My ultimate dinner party, brought to you by a corporate sponsor

5 10 2014

Many people have been asked for their “Utimate Dinner Party Line-Up”™ Here’s is the line-up for the Jet Set’s dinner party brought to you by a corporate sponsor (Can you guess who the corporate sponsor is?)

Oct 5 019

Let me take you through the line-up from left to right.

Ollie Reed and George Best for the glamour, Jeffrey Lebowski for the White Russians, Ken Loach for obvious reasons, Stefan Edberg for the trainers, Curtis Stigers for the songs or Tony Curtis for the stories (Depending on availability) Saul Bellow or Paul the Apostle (Depending on work commitments).

I think you’ll agree that we’ll have an ace dinner party, especially as we’ll be eating Bird’s Eye Shepherd Pie AND Arctic Roll.





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