Laughed? I nearly shat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 10 2014

Newcastle United fans made a wonderful banner today.


It was so wonderful the Mirror went with;

Newcastle fans reveal latest protest banner showing Toon league form… which is NOT a town in Wales

ESPN went with;

Newcastle fans’ brilliant gallows-humour at Swansea match

The Star went with;

Newcastle fan group unveil HILARIOUS anti Alan Pardew banner at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium

The Bleacher Report went with;

Newcastle Fans Unveil Genius Banner at Swansea Match

Yeah wooooohooooooo, LET’S HEAR IT FOR GENIUS HUMOUR!!!!

The Newcastle banner does sound so funny, hilarious, or genius when you know that “LLWDLLLWWLWLLLLLWLLDDLD” is actually a real town in north Wales, it’s near Caernarfon in case you’re bothered.

There are actually more vowels in Welsh lovely boy, look you.



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