21 08 2014

Tonight Wales will play England in a women’s world cup qualifier in Cardiff. Last week the FAW sent me an e-mail that contained an advert for the match;

Wales V England

You can tell that the qualifier is a serious match from the “I”M DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS” faces. You can tell that football is officially the most important thing ever created because the “I”M DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS” face has become the default setting in football advertising.

If football had listened to the Jet Set’s Christmas Message in 2010 it wouldn’t be suffering from po-faced arrogance. If they had listened to us football would remember that footballers have relatively enjoyable jobs and that it has the potential to cause moments of communal ecstasy.

Society needs smiling football faces yet there is seriousness across all levels of the sport, from the premier league……

Kit advert 1

kit advert 5

kit advert 8

….to the championship…..

kit advert 2

kit advert 4

kit advert 6

…..and beyond.

Kit Advert 14

kit advert 3

Kit advert 15

kit advert 18

kit advert 19

Football seriousness is virtually a pandemic.

kit advert 7

kit advert 9

kit advert 11

Kit advert 17


kit advert 12 Australia

I don’t know what effect the advertising industry hoped to create with their pantheon of simmering impatience and brooding polyester but I started to wonder what all these posturing dickheads were angry about, were they waiting for something?

Thankfully there are redoubts against the relentless onslaught of seriousness.

Kit advert 10

Cheer up football clubs, you don’t deserve to be taken that seriously. #LOADOFPOFACEDBOLLOCKS




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