“That there London” in 2014

15 08 2014

Impatient public transport consumers, hipster encrusted pavements and the world’s finest museum of looted artefacts are just three of the reasons why I love the city that never sleeps with a passion it’s not possible to measure.

My love for London may be unconditional but I realise you can’t turn your back on the place for a minute. I know that yesterday’s jaunty little bookshop of yesterday will invariably become tomorrow’s outpost of the Jacamo empire. In 1978 Paul Weller told us of a bomb on Wardour Street. In 2014 you’ll find a starbucks.

Aug 13 160

On Wednesday I attempted to find a Stanley Kubrick Bluray boxset somewhere, anywhere, on Oxford St but there were rows of retro replica shirts made from low grade tea towels where the DVD shelving should have been.

Thankfully I didn’t require a cricket bat by royal appointment from Piccadilly or a distinctive football shirt from Carnaby Street otherwise I may not have been able to withstand the disappointment . The big cut price polyester mark of Big Cut Price Mike Ashley hung like a pall over my lovely crowded metropolis, you could see it in every dissatisfied every face on every street.

I love you London, but you don’t make it easy darling.



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