The power of advertising

31 07 2014

You can see some wonderful adverts when you’re sat in Rhyl bus station.

Jul 31 046

God bless television!!!

Jul 31 044

God bless television again!!! I’m not saying they hype things up but how was the match featured in the advert “season defining”? According to the internet the word “define” is defined as;

1. state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.
2. mark out the boundary or limits of.

I’m not quite sure how that match marked out a boundary or a limit and I’m not sure how it described the nature, scope or meaning of last season either. I didn’t watch it so I’ll assume that it was a “good match” due to the scoreline.

We need a bit more truth in football related advertising. The Man Utd advert should have said;

“Look maggots, just forget that your pathetic local football club exists, come and pay us for some reflected glamour instead.”.

It would have been beautiful if the BT advert had said ;

“Please buy a BT sport subscription as you may be lucky enough to see some good matches. Obviously there’s a chance you might also see a few goalless draws but I’m afraid that’s the luck of the draw. Football matches rapidly evolve because they are reactive to the single events that happen within the matches”

If only That Modern Football could handle the truth.





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