Looking on the bright side, thanks to Bangor City in the UEFA Cup

3 07 2014

I can’t watch Bangor City in Iceland tonight so I’ve decided to do the next best thing……listen to Radio Bangor in the Prestatyn branch of the Iceland supermarket chain.

It wasn’t easy but I’ve managed to secure a lock in with full access to one “Savoury Pastry Assortment” and a single portion dessert of my choice.

I can tell it’s going to be one of the great nights………….Bangor in Europe…………The blue army in full voice…………Unfettered access to some partly defrosted food…………..and most importantly…………..I’ll be doing it all in comfort, Iceland’s freezers provide the optimum height for laptop stability and safety.

Actually, now I think about it it’s going to be a great night. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

See Platini, you may stop me watching my teams, you may stop me going to other countries to watch my teams, but you’ll never get me down.

I’m free in my head, and you can’t buy that lad, you can’t buy that.



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