How to create a small football related internet buzz

14 06 2014

a.k.a “Fun with the cross of St. George during Blatter’s world cup!!!”

Follow these easy to follow “nine easy steps” to create a small internet buzz.

1. Get on the BANTERBUS

2. Set up a fake profile on social media

3. Compose an “authentic looking” message.

4. Post the “authentic looking” message.

5. Post the “authentic looking” message even though it contains grammatical and spelling issues that would be obvious to a chimp with ALN.

6. Post the “authentic looking” message, even though it’s meant to appear as though it was written by a quasi-official football club body.

7. Yeah just post the bloody thing!!!!


8. Watch angry idiots react

@danieldavidson2 11h – The Arsenal supporters trust must be on glue,bunch of wrongins to say the least

@LRMacaulay Jun 12 – @Arsenal banning St. George’s flag from the Emirates! That’s an absolute disgrace, your a top ENGLISH side and should be proud! Disgusting!

@Chapalar Jun 12 – The Arsenal Supporters Trust need to seriously reevaluate there existence.

@preece_wwfc Jun 12 – Arsenal supporters trust calling for the st georges flag to be banned. Yeah, fuck yourself 🙂

@MJOWLS Jun 12 – @piersmorgan is it true Arsenal Supports Trust has banned the St George flag? It’s a disgrace if it is especially the reason they’re stating

     @badmanbugs1981 Jun 11 – @Tabukjohnny @BADMANBILL1980 you fucking scummy cunts fuck wot anyone else thinks fly ur flag cunt! #Arsenal

@DMANUTC Jun 11 – Arsenal supporters trust are so sore with their st George’s cross offending others bollocks!!!!

@OfficialJFeeley Jun 11 – How proud you must be to be an #Arsenal fan. Your own supporters trust trying to get the #StGeorgeflag banned scum

@pitchtalk Jun 11 – ‘Don’t be a drag, ban the flag’, PC gone mad from @Arsenal supporters trust (AST) banning flags from the Emirates?

@barmy1967 Jun 11 – Arsenal supporters trust call for there fans to not fly George cross .. Arsenal by name arseholes by nature shameful

@BCAFCste Jun 11 – Arsenal supporters trust are a joke

@adiesmith64 Jun 11 – If that is a true statement from the Arsenal Supporters Trust, I find that very offensive as an Englishman

@TyeMack Jun 11 – Fuck off!!! Fly the flag with pride! #ENGLAND

@gwalker1312 Jun 11 – Tell u what Arsenal fans should boycott their ground fucking shameful that in England at a game u can,t fly the England flag

@LukeThompsett Jun 10 – @NoHazardNoParty @JACKACTION27 absolute cunts if they don’t like our flag fuck off simple we live in England crazy shit typical arsenal

@Lt_Andrewsy Jun 10 – @dphartshorne wtf is that arsenal flag Ban thing, about?! That’s a disgrace.

@C_Mcfc Jun 10 – @PartInterested @TweetsGodfrey Have a look at the picture I posted from Arsenal supporters trust! These left wing cunts are embarrassing!!

@JustDogsWorld Jun 10 – @Nadalena @zigga01 its the national flag of the country arsenal get money from? its the Englsh league?? political correctness isnt! simple.

@t_i_m_s_k_i_n Jun 10 – @CarlTHFC just seen it on Facebook. No matter if it’s arsenal or anyone else it’s not racist to fly your flag.

@DuckieLewis Jun 10 – @cp_1979 biggest load of Shite I’ve ever heard that arsenal flag ban. It will b some daft p*** talking shite

 @_Rancid Jun 10 – @AST_arsenal are you for real about banning our national flag? You’re the problem & the reason things like this become an issue, cunts

“Anne Lyons” wrote this on facebook – I understand that Arsenal Supporters Trust are supporting banning flying the flag of St George from the Emirates as it offends many ethnic minority communities and urging people not to fly it at all.
This is absolutely disgusting. Are you an ENGLISH football club or not.

9. Alight from the BANTERBUS at the next stop.


The Reality

1. The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust do not have an account on Facebook.

All information is published on this website and the official Twitter account.

2. Arsenal sell England flags in their club shop.


You can see why UKIP gained so many votes.


Thanks to @the_itch1980 for pointing me in this direction.




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