The world cup begins with a sunny disposition

13 06 2014

Reality ruins reverie.

Yesterday was the first day of the world cup and when the day began I had stuff like this on my mind.

Then the internet intervened with its dispiriting evidence of people, FIFA and Andy Fucking Townsend. Naturally I ended up thinking about dispiriting stuff . I didn’t set out to find dispiriting stuff you understand, I just happened upon it.

My first discovery was an article by Barney Ronay. The article seemed perfectly sunny until I came across this dispiriting reminder;

“The World Cup may be less a tournament of the people these days, more a tournament of the un-people: the brands, the machines, the corporate personages. It may seem mixed and muddled, a progressive corporate hijack too large and too hungry for its own health….”

Even though the very next sentence was a hopeful plea for a fascinating and engrossing world cup I could only think of the Blatter’s face.

I went on the BBC website to find the world cup’s fixtures and found an article that contained this photo…


…..and a companion to the photo I found two days ago;

Anthony Baddams, of Northbrook Road, Southampton,spent about three weeks putting up a display which features some 300 flags, England shirts, hats and other memorabilia.

He said he had received a “positive response” from his community, including people from Australia, Poland, the US and even his German next-door neighbour.

“A lot of people stop and take photos,” he said. “They say ‘it looks brilliant, keep it up’. People from all cultures have had their pictures taken and said they liked it.”

Mr Baddams, 46, has put up similar displays during World Cups since the 1980s, but he said this was his largest effort yet.

“I’m a proper proud England fan and I always go OTT with the displays because I never see anyone else doing it anymore.

“You see the odd flag but it’s not proper support. I’m flying the flags to show real support to our boys.”

So to show “proper support” you have to look like a moron, I’d rather give up football. Then I was inexorably drawn to another dispiriting BBC article. This was the opening sentence;

“Sepp Blatter has indicated he wants to seek a fifth term as Fifa president and called Uefa “disrespectful” following calls for his resignation.”

A fifth term!!! I also found this photo on the BBC website.


Yesterday evening this photo appeared on twitter;


You swan around thinking that it’s not possible for the Labour Party to move even further away from you, then they confound your expectations. I also found this on facebook.


Yes “Predict Brazil World Cup 2014 scores and Win!!”…… with Peachy! Yeah that’s right, “….Win with Peachy“, that’s “Peachy, the payday loan cunts”. Look at their trademarked ITV goalfaces! Why are they holding a Brazilian flag? Fucking people.

Bollocks to Blatter’s world cup




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