There are only three days to go and you can practically taste the samba

9 06 2014

Just close your eyes and imagine Copacabana beach.

………Mas que Nada wafts along on the tropical breeze………….The scantily clad ladies………… The bare chested men playing foot volley……………… Pele and Jairzinho frolicking in the surf with a beachball.

Oh yes welcome to Brazil, the land of samba and the spiritual home of spiritual football. Come on world everyone’s invited to Blatter’s world cup party!!!

Except for Brazil’s poor and disenfranchised of course.

Yeah but who cares about them, Brazil’s all about some smiling faces and bikinis. There’s no poverty or corruption, only smiling faces thanks to the holy power of football.

What about the people that are angry about the cost of the world cup?

People won’t be angry when they see FIFA’s legacy.

People are angry.

No they’re not, they love football, they love to smile on the beach, listening to a Bossa Nova beat

People are angry

No they’re not.

Yes they are.

It seems that even though they love football the people of Brazil are angry. (All photos were taken from this website)

Brazil 1

Brazil 2

Brazil 3

Brazil 4

Brazil 5

Brazil 6

Brazil 7

Brazil 8

Why are people angry Blatter? Why?

Bollocks to Blatter’s world cup.

I didn’t find this post until I’d posted what you’ve just read, I might not have bothered if I’d have known of its existence.




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