There are world cup songs and there are world cup songs

7 06 2014

As we’re now 5 days away from the world cup here’s a lovely little song from Pop Will Eat Itself.

If you ask me there aren’t enough songs that feature the words Hegemony and Bourgeoisie. Thanks to @StoneDunk for pointing me in that direction. Sadly there are also other world cup songs, like this travesty;

Thanks to @the_itch1980 for drawing my attention towards that. The last world cup “song” that annoyed me in this manner was a piece of shit by a couple of wanky geezer wannabes;

I defy you to look the fat one’s face and not hate football. I defy you to behold this next piece of crap and not wish that football had remained unpopular in the late 19th century.

Back to this world cup, here’s a stone dead classic;

And another, this time a reissue from 2010….

To end on a positive note, it looks as though this lot won’t be allowed to play in the world cup stadiums.

There’s nothing better than the knowledge that those annoying pricks have had trouble getting in to matches.

Bollocks to your world cup Blatter, bollock to it.



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7 06 2014

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