OH…MY…GOD!!!!! Here comes the world cup on ITV!!!!… Oh dear I seem to have ironing to do

28 05 2014

I must have seen ITV’s world cup advert at least 10 bloody times since it was first broadcast. Every time I see it I hate That Modern Football a little bit more.

Firstly check out the slogan ITV are rocking!!!!


Why would I want or need to brace myself about the world cup? Why would anyone want or need to brace themselves about the world cup? This isn’t the first world cup that been shown on television dickheads. WE KNOW WHAT’S INVOLVED WITH A FUCKING WORLD CUP.

If it’s the footy, we simply must include some contorted football-related facial expressions;

untitled 1

untitled 3



untitled 6

untitled 5


untitled 4

More bullshit from the advertising wankers. Yet again they’ve made it look like football fans are only capable of veering between hopeless despair and manically contorted ecstasy.  The lazy stereotyping advertising bastards.

Call me a big cynic but I don’t quite picture the woman at the bottom getting that excited about football. I may be wrong about this but I’m using the women with which I’ve watched football as a yardstick. Nearly all of them have treated “overemotional” behaviour with disdain, even when they’re at the match.

What are ITV saying?……………FOLLOW EVERYONE ELSE!!! ……………. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT!!!! ………………WATCH THE WORLD CUP WITH US AND WE’LL CONDUCT YOUR EMOTIONS!!!!! Call me a big unnerved cynic but we saw the effect of people having their emotions conducted in last week’s European elections.

Bugger off ITV,  If I’m going to watch football on TV I’ll watch it with people I like so I can actually enjoy the experience. You can call me mad, around the bend, if you like, but I don’t want to watch football while I’m surrounded by over emotional gobshites. Imagine actually being stuck in a pub with those shrieking fuckers…………Jesus.

In short, bollocks to your world cup ITV, bollocks to your world cup.





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28 05 2014

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