Some matches what I went to

24 05 2014
Airbus UK 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

Another away win against the club that’s too far ahead to catch. Les’ last minute winner prompted several questions; “What might have been?”…”Why couldn’t we beat the so-called easier teams?”….”Why can’t I celebrate without nearly dislocating two knuckles?”. The scallies that have attached themselves to Airbus still aren’t funny, even with their drum and ridiculous teenaged posturing.

Here’s one of Airbus’ bald corners.

apr 15 855

Bangor City 3 Prestatyn Town 1
North Wales Coast FA Challenge Cup Quarter Final

This match has been rearranged 3 times already and now it was being played on Welsh Cup semi final day. We’re basically playing an unwanted match on the day we’re usually playing in a Welsh Cup semi final, Welsh domestic football has never appeared more desperate. Having said that our mostly youth team beat their mostly first team in an exciting match. Craig Whelan, the son of club legend Paul, scored the winner.

apr 15 864

Newtown 3 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

An utterly horrible afternoon from start to finish; injuries, missed chances, a lacklustre performance, irritating teenagers in Jack Wills mouthing off, a nagging sensation that this season could get even worse. Fuck Football.

apr 15 870

Bangor City 1 XXX XXX XXXXXX X
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

FC United 3 Ashton United 2
Northern Premier League Premier Division

There aren’t many times you can go to a match, get a signed copy of a club’s history, make a donation to a food bank and see a last minute winner after a club’s been 2-0 down after half an hour. At FC United matches you can do all that!

Apr 21 050

Apr 21 108

Apr 21 115

Bangor City 2 Rhyl 0
Welsh Premier League

In order to enjoy home advantage in the play offs we needed to win and hope that Carmarthen lost to XXX XXX XXXXXX. About half an hour before kick off we realised that the situation wouldn’t be resolved today as Carmarthen’s match had, rather unbelievably, suffered a postponement due to a waterlogged pitch. We still did our part by beating Rhyl quite easily. Needless to say, this didn’t go down very well with some of their fans.

Apr 26 040

Carmarthen Town 1 XXX XXX XXXXXX X
Welsh Premier League

I’m not saying there’s anything fishy about XXX XXX XXXXXX letting Carmarthen win and handing them home advantage in the play offs. I’m not saying it’s fishy that Bangor only finished fourth on goal difference. There’s nothing fishy in XXX XXX XXXXXX beating Bangor 9-1 on Good Friday then losing 1-0 to the team that was below them 10 days later. There’s nothing remotely fishy in this situation at all.

Wales 4 Montenegro 0
FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier (at Nantporth)

Bloody hell Wales not only won an international, it was a convincing win in a world cup qualifier!

may 8 031

may 8 059

Bangor City 1 Newtown 0
Europa League Play Off Semi Final

After last year’s timid capitulation to Bala this match was never going to be anything other than a nervous experience. Before the match there was talk of Bangor City being in Shit Street without the money from the Europa League.

Then Chris Jones was through, on his own. He was sprinting towards the area with the ball at his feet, the pause before glory made the glory taste even better. We Won!!!!!!! We won, we won. WE FUCKING WON!!!!

Yeah and Rhyl beat Carmarthen 6-1 away, so someone’s little plan had backfired!! Ha!

May 10 006

May 10 015

Bangor City 2 Caernarfon Town 2
(Caernarfon won 5-3 on penalties)
North Wales Coast FA Challenge Cup Final

A big well done to the Cofis and their excitable fans. #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES. They were so happy after seeing their club win a trophy against fans that weren’t really bothered by the result – bigger fish to fry –  they invaded the pitch and tried to attack Bangor fans. #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES. Their reaction may have been a reaction to the match events as basically Caernarfon’s first team was held by Bangor’s youth team for 120 minutes. #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES. Mind you it wasn’t just that, their 11 players were held for over 90 minutes by 10 younger players that attacked right until the end of extra time. Well done Cofis, you’ve had a victory that no one apart from yourselves cares about. #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES.

See how the #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES threw flares on the pitch like proper fans!! Nice one Cofis!!! #COFIARMY #BESTFANSINWALES.

May14 001

Bangor City 2 Rhyl 0
Europa League Play Off Final

A rather tense day became the day that Nantporth finally felt like home. My powers of explanation can’t do this day justice, “One of the good days” will have to do until I’ve had a bit of think. It was good to meet Matt, the power behind the Lost Boyos.

17 May 001

17 May 058

17 May 062

17 May 077





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