So, who will Bangor City draw in Europe?

20 05 2014

Now that Bangor City has qualified for Europe again……..excitement awaits.

Now we can all look forward the draw for the first qualifying round on the 23rd June, 4 weeks on Monday, with hopes and dreams of life, love and vast quantities of alcoholic beverages.

It’s probable that we will be seeded in the draw so at the moment these are the tantalising clubs that we can draw;

There’s a Lithuanian club called “Banga”, a club from the Estonian third division and, surprise surprise, a Finnish club. I may have got this whole thing wrong however.



2 responses

9 06 2014

Thanks for the information!!

5 06 2014
Arg Zioli

Love this blog.

You’re quite correct – Santos Tartu do indeed play in Estonia’s third tier. However, during the early stages of the Estonian cup, they were still on their way to winning the local II Liga (fourth tier) – with a goal difference of +122.

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