The attention span of a tabloid newspaper

23 04 2014

The Daily Star wrote a story about FA Cup final tickets a few days ago.

Stitched up for the FA Cup! Fury as Thomas Cook flogs Wembley final tickets for £750

ANGRY footie fans have branded Thomas Cook “glorified ticket touts” for selling FA Cup final tickets at £750 each.

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KICKING OFF: Fan Mike Harvey is disgusted by the prices of tickets [NC]

The firm, an official ­Wembley partner, has sold all its £650 to £750-a-seat ­packages for the clash ­between Arsenal and Hull City on May 17.

Two deals were offered, with the more expensive giving fans a seat with a better view.

For £899 supporters could buy the “silver” deal, which included a night at a budget hotel, a train ticket to the game, a programme and a match ticket.

But bought separately, a night at the Premier Inn in Euston – a hotel featured in the package – costs £126 on May 16, while a rail ticket from Marylebone to ­Wembley is £5 each way for the nine-minute journey.

A programme costs £15, ­meaning the match ticket, which included a seat on the second tier along the side, cost a whopping £748.

Fans wanting to spend slightly less could opt for the £799 “club” package, which included a seat behind the goal rather than at the side of the stadium – working out at £648 for a match ticket.

Fan Mike Harvey, who has been going to games at Arsenal for the past 15 years, said: “What Thomas Cook are doing here is nothing but ­glorified touting.

“How the FA can sit back and allow this is beyond ridiculous. Sadly, it is just another cruel example of how loyal fans become irrelevant when there’s money to be made.”

Hull City fan Leo Edmonds said: “It is a disgrace – I would love to see the FA’s excuse for it this time.

“Football is turning into a prawn-sandwich sport – only those with the right amount of cash will end up going.”

The FA has already come under fire after allocating only 25,000 tickets to each club despite Wembley’s 90,000 capacity.

The other 40,000 seats will go to corporate sponsors and volunteers.

“Sadly, it is just another cruel example of how loyal fans become irrelevant when there’s money to be made” Footie fan Mike Harvey

When the Daily Star Sunday contacted Thomas Cook’s sports department to ask about the packages, a sales assistant named Stu told us: “It has gone mental.

“They have sold so quick.

“We are now sold out for all silver and club packages.

“It is hard for fans to buy ­tickets as I think they were expecting more of an allocation, so the packages have been snapped up.”

Thomas Cook defended its deals.

A spokesman said: “Our Matchbreak packages guarantee tickets, hotel rooms and travel to events that in some cases simply aren’t available to purchase separately.

“Any comparison to Club Wembley tickets and separately purchased hotel rooms and travel relies on having successfully obtained those tickets and a hotel room on the date required.

“Our ticket and hotel Matchbreaks start from £79 per person, with family packages from £199, although we have now sold our allocation of Club Wembley ­tickets for the FA Cup final.

“Thomas Cook Sport also has a zero-tolerance stance on ticket touting and pro-actively work with our official club partners and other official organisations to combat it.”

An FA spokesman said: “Thomas Cook is an official Club Wembley partner and these ­packages include the ticket price for the FA Cup final and a combination of hotel accommodation or travel costs.

“The FA reminds all fans to only purchase FA Cup final tickets through official sources and that ticket touting is a breach of the Violent Crime Reduction Act.”

This article highlights three things. 1) The problem with corporate football, see the flippant attitude of those responsible for FA Cup final packages that cost  £750. 2) Lazy journalism. This story is a tabloid archetype; a momentary focus upon an emotive story, a short phone call to the company concerned and short chats with two suitably disgusted people. 3) The insincerity of tabloid culture. The Daily Star don’t really care about the gentrification of football, yesterday they covered the sacking of a premier league manager from the only angle they thought mattered.

Manchester United shares bounce back following David Moyes sacking confirmation

MANCHESTER UNITED’S share price climbed by one per cent immediately after the New York Stock Exchange opened following the news that manager David Moyes had been sacked.

Manchester United’s share price climbed by one per cent [GETTY]

The shares had slumped in value yesterday when reports started surfacing that Moyes was set to be axed.

But the official confirmation of his departure was followed by a spike in share price up 27 cents from 17.72 US dollars to 17.99 dollars in the first 20 minutes of trading.

It follows news that Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal is being lined up as the long-term successor to David Moyes.

He has been courted by Tottenham but is understood to prefer the Old Trafford post.

And according to reports in Holland, he met with United chiefs ten days ago to discuss the role.

The former Everton boss was shown the door this morning after a horror 10 months in charge. Ryan Giggs has subsequently been named as caretaker boss.

Moyes learnt his fate after holding training-ground talks with vice-chairman Ed Woodward at 8am this morning. The news was made public half an hour later

Surely even their lazy journalists are able to make the connection between football, the stock market and FA Cup final ticket packages that cost £750. Why do they patronize the British public so?




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