Yeah, then what?

16 04 2014

Imagine that the protesting fans of Hull City and Cardiff City eventually win.

Imagine that Hull City will still be called Hull City and that Cardiff City will have reinstated their blue home kit.

On a superficial level, the protesting fans will look like they have won, Hull City will have retained their name and Cardiff City will have reinstated their blue home kit.

On a deeper level, what difference will the protests have actually made?

The premier league will still exist.

The favoured economic model of premier league, and world football, won’t have changed.

No fans will have forced their way on to club boards.

The protestors, and other fans, will be content with their small victory.

The owners will turn their magnanimous gesture into a PR victory because they will have gracefully given in to the democratic desires of the fans.

Football will revert to normal.

The commentators will immediately mention how happy football club owners look.

The fans will once again expect the owner to provide a team that worthy of their club’s level.

The fans will demand that their once hated owner matches their ambitions by stumping up the cash for more players.

The fans will somehow forget that they once hated their owner when a new player arrives.

If the present owner no longer matches their expectations the fans will demand that the club is sold to an owner that’s able to match their expectations.

Relegation will once again become the abyss of disgrace.

Ticket prices will continue to rise.

People will continue to pay for season tickets in installments.

Direct debits will continue to pay for Murdoch’s television channels.

Radio phone-ins will continue to feature callers that tell us their club owner is a legend “for what he’s done at this club“.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a jackboot stamping on a human face for eternity, with analysis by Robbie Savage.



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