Timeline of possibilities

9 04 2014

Twitter’s often throws interesting stuff your way. A few weeks ago this juxtaposition floated on to my timeline.


It appears as though the French national team of 1978 faced a pretty stark choice; play in the world cup and legitimise a dictatorship or stand up for the principles of humanity.

We can see the usual dichotomy in the posters, the left asking people to think carefully about the world and the right asking people to turn off their critical faculties. The fascists were too stupid to spot the irony of a political party producing a poster that condemns the politicization of sport.

The day after a price list from 1981 floated on by. (Click to enlarge)


In 1981 £42 for a Manchester United season ticket was a “crazy” price. I wonder what 1981’s journalists would make of the tantalizing notice I saw in a St. Asaph petrol station a month ago. The A4 piece of paper blutacked to the counter offered a genuine ticket for the Manchester derby. All you had to do was hand £50 to the guy behind the counter. I remained silent and paid for my petrol.




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