Did you know that 30 years ago Bangor City were playing at Wembley?

25 03 2014

Cambridge United beat Gosport Borough in the FA Trophy final on Sunday. 30 years ago Bangor City also played at Wembley in FA Trophy final. Here’s some footage;

On Sunday there was an outbreak of lovely nostalgia on the Bangor message board;


“Our Wembley visit was in May – a bit warmer than its been today. I don’t think even the first leg of the SF against Dagenham  had been played (was he second leg was a scorching day ?)The attendance then was around 25, 000, if memory serves me right, and it was considered a very low figure. Both Cambridge and Gosport (area) have considerably higher populations than ours.”


“I thought it was around the 13k mark,remember talking to a copper and he said there was 10k less than expected.Good crowd at the replay if memory serves but the dingler in the crowd who kept blowing a whistle sticks with me.”


“13,000 makes sense, now. You needed a telescope to see the Northwich fans. I’ve wondered for years where all the 25, 000 came from. Am I correct in saying it was the lowest ever attendance at that final?”


“I was there

Great day out

And still think we’d have beaten them on pennos.”


“Yep we travelled down with future city keeper Darren Owen… 14k there, spike should have won it in extra time… Wembley, wembley, we’re the famous Bangor city and we’ve been to wembley.”


“I always thought it was 14000 (sorry to split hairs) and so it seems:


What a day out!

No amount of WP wins or Welsh Cups will replace that day in my memory.

Bangor City at Wembley, the old twin towers, the walk down Wembley way and the scarves and flags.

Fantastic memories.”


“When the train stopped at Crewe on the way there, there were a couple of other football specials on the platforms. One was full of Liverpool supporters ( I reckon they won the league somewhere that day). They were all sitting down, looking rather bored. Our train was like monkey cage on wheels, to put it mildly. One of the Scousers put his head out of the window (You could on trains those days) to ask who we were . You can imagine the rest……..”


“I remember talking to a few Northwich fans that day and they reckoned they’d lost a few thousand fans going because S4C were showing it live and their supporters in surrounding areas could get it.( just like MaesG and Beumaris could get Granada and CH4 at the time!!!) So as they’d been the previous year many stayed at home.”


“A disappointment that day was that after god save the queen we were all waiting to sing the welsh anthem but the band stopped playing. We should have sung it ourselves then. How many welsh players were in the team?”


“Just watched that clip,happy days..  ”


“In the seats around where I was sat with my brothers and Dad we did”


“The semi at dagenham will always stick in my memory, john griffiths spending the whole match in the police station for his own safety because he went into the dagenham spporters area and hadto be rescued,what a laugh. ”


“we ever have those halcyon days again? “


I’m always a sucker for the social history that flows from football fans reminiscing in a certain way. I felt the poignant lament of the last entry keenly. I was too young for a Wembley story and “I went to XXX XXX XXXXXX three times in the season we won the league” comes from an entirely different book.




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