Matches here, matches there

23 03 2014
FC United 4 Ilkeston FC 1
Northern Premier League

A good day. I saw a great win and some lovely football, bought some back issues of A Fine Lung and a few Wim Wenders films and had a bus journey that involved a drunken passenger asking the teenagers that got on in Cheetham Hill if they were “tooled up”.

fEB 25 096

fEB 25 106

First they gave us three home matches………….

Bangor City 2 Airbus UK 4
Welsh Premier League

A match to go to!! That’s two whole matches in three weeks!!

Bangor’s ring rustiness was evident in the ease with which Airbus coasted to a four goal lead. We also lost our new keeper, Jack Cudworth, to a broken ankle after 20 minutes. (He’d been signed on deadline day because Lee Idzi decided to leave the day before).

Even though we weren’t in this match until the 80th minute we still made it very uncomfortable for the Airbus moral cowards. As soon as Bangor scored their second goal one particular coward engineered a sending off for Jay Colbeck. The sending off ended our fightback.

Airbus might be second in the league, and too far ahead to catch, but the jibbers haven’t got the stomach for the fight. Here’s a pre-match shot of part of the nearside touchline.

mar 1 004


Bangor City 3 Carmarthen Town 1
Welsh Premier League

A second match in 5 days and a new keeper, Prestatyn’s Dave Roberts, on loan. Ant Miley scored the first as we were walking around, Doidge equalised and Jamie Petrie put us ahead from 3 inches from the goalline. Les confirmed our win with a fantastic second half shot.

I managed to get two Carmarthen players, one as a corner was coming in, to react to my psychological warfare. 1-0 to me. Here’s the foot mark of a goalscoring hero!

mar 1 039


Bangor City 1 Newtown 0
Welsh Premier League

A third match in a week!!! Bangor did well to win this match, that’s about all really. Here’s a forlorn goalkeeper.

Mar8 003

…………then they gave us 6 & a half (six and half) weeks of away matches………….

XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

Morawelon 2 Llangefni Town 2 (A.E.T. – Llangefni Town won on penalties)
Dargie Cup Final

I was a steward for this match. I planned to leave just after the final whistle in order to catch the 9:06 train.  It was all going to plan until the ball bounced off the boot of Morawleon’s irritating striker in the last minute, the fucker didn’t even swing his leg back. Consequently I was forced to get the last bus.

Rhyl 1 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

An evenly match between two evenly matched teams. Before the match we saw what happens when Bangor fans, booze and chalk come together.

mar 16 005

Carmarthen Town 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

I missed my first Bangor match of the season for a reason that’s too boring to relate. I listened to it on Dave’s wonderful Radio Bangor instead. I”d forgotten that visualising is more nerve-wracking than watching the action for yourself.

Before Bangor’s match I watched Chelsea v Arsenal on BT sport with twitter for company. Listening to Michael Owen whilst reading a thousand retweets of a joke about a refereeing mistake, what a mistake to make.

After 20 minutes I reasoned that there had to be more life on a Saturday than this cultural travesty and there was; a couple of Hitchcock films on BBC2. Hitchcock passed the time until Radio Bangor and Sgorio.

In the first couple of minutes of his commentary Sgorio’s commentator told us that the referee was learning Czech, why couldn’t Michael Owen be this interesting or informative?




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