How the Tories despise….

19 03 2014

Earlier today Grant Shapps had a happiness induced brainwave. He decided to tweet;

@grantshapps: #budget2014 cuts bingo & beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.

The tweet came with a colourful picture;


See that? “To help hardworking people do more of the things THEY enjoy” You can almost picture the curled lip..

Even though Grant Shapps is one of the cabinet members that didn’t go to Eton he obviously doesn’t realize how confusing bingo becomes when you’re drunk. After a few light ales you can start shouting “HOUSE!!!!!” at the wrong time and annoying all the regulars, then you’re ostracised by a palpable social pressure. When a bingo crowd sends you to Coventry it’s never a return journey.

Obviously I don’t play bingo anymore and I haven’t had a pint of beer in like a decade. Under the new legislation unveiled today I have been reclassified as “workshy”.

It’s not all high life for lowlifes however, the Tories may be treating the working class scum to free bingo at the country’s expense but local authorities are planning to close libraries to save money.

These Tories really despise the likes of me because we’re “the they”. I’m really proud to be part of “the they”.



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