If Wales are about to kick off, it must be cringe o’clock!!

20 02 2014

In the latest BBC Wales advert BBC Wales’ “blokey voiceover twat” exhorts us all to MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE BOYS!!!!!!”  tomorrow night.

I’m not sure that BBC Wales thought this idea through. Even if “we” all made as much noise as “we” could how the hell would “THE BOYS!!!!!!”  be able to hear us through the television and over the crowd?

The time between the start of each new BBC Wales advert and my cringe is shortening with each passing advert.

I blame the easily led buffoons. When My Dad and his mates went to watch Wales play rugby fans seemed to be normal looking, easy going “if we win we win” sort of people.


Welsh fans 5

welsh fans 1

“Easy-going” is so last century, you have to “care big time” nowadays.

Welsh fans 3

Welsh Fans 4


When my dad used to go to Cardiff Arms Park he went with a quaint idea; you were there to watch the match. Nowadays people seem to think they’re the attraction. Dressing normally is out nowadays.

Ych-a-fi, you can see their underwear.  If I was the bloke with the S painted on his chest I’d have stood in the middle for a laugh.

1. There’s no such thing as a Welsh Smurf. 2. Smurfs are blue. 3. You can’t even use body paint correctly.

The one on the left has to be 50 years of age. Let’s hope HIS divorce from self respect was amicable.

Wales v England
 What’s wrong with a nice red hat?


I call this one “A citizen’s arrest in the name of good taste”.

You obviously don’t believe in quiet dignity.

What are looking so miserable about? YOU paid 75 quid for your ticket, YOU bought the daffodil balaclava, YOU left the house dressed like that, it’s all YOUR fault. 

On second thoughts, I may have been a little harsh in my assessment. If you discount embarrassing the Welsh nation, and helping would-be dictators understand just how easily led the easily led can be, these people aren’t actually doing anything wrong. What’s this I hear?

“Yeah they’re only having a laugh mun. Are you somekind of killjoy like? You must be in the fun police or something!! Chill out.”

Well that’s me told and no mistake.

On the other hand, let’s not castigate them too harshly, they don’t look as objectionable as these English rugby fans.

English rugby 5

English rugby 4

I don’t think I’ve seen a photo that screamed “Tory Cunts” quite as loudly as they last one. I reckon the fat one in the middle is Alpha Tory Cunt.

Football, rugby, darts, politics, television, music…… Is there anything that bellends won’t ruin?

Just to be serious for a moment, look at this wonderful video from the Manic Street Preachers;

Consider where this vision of Wales sit in relation to the happy clappy version of Wales in the BBC Wales imagination. Are these people the kind of people that buy international tickets for 75 quid?



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