It’s not easy when your manager doesn’t know what he’s doing, or is it?

12 02 2014

Sometimes your manager is so bad you just have to get a tattoo that demands his resignation.


Sometimes your manager is so bad you have to get used to watching your club muddle on through with a mere fifteen millionaire internationals.

@Memz_Dogi Fuck off with your penny pinching transfer window you cunt. Did you really think we would win the league? This is wank

@arsenalaction Arsenal bottom of the spending table during the jan transfer window £0

@arsenalaction Who feels let down this morning?

Sometimes your manager is just so bad you want to get rid;

@soriano21776 The dictator wrote his own deal months ago, he has rewarded himself for his own mediocrity and self sustaining business model! Joke

@Memz_Dogi So Arsene is getting a new 2 year contract and will be on £8.5m a year. The man is a genius for being rewarded for failure

@CrazyGooner007 Arsene Wenger is one of the arrogant, self righteous, greediest, self gratifying, loathsome people that has ever walked the planet. Bastard!

@arsenalaction Wenger decision not to bring in quality players during the transfer window is the turning point

@Memz_Dogi Wenger again putting his stubbornness and selfish principles above the needs of the club. You can’t blame the board anymore #WengerOut

Sometimes the manager is so bad reality won’t even shift your mind;

@arsenalaction After 24 games, Man City is 1 point better than last season. Chelsea improved by +7 pts. Liverpool by +12. Arsenal by +17. Man Utd -19 down.

@arsenalaction The old Arsenal with Almunia, Gallas, Toure & Clichy would have bottled it tonight

Yeah sometimes a manager is just so bad you just have to let him have it;

@CrazyGooner007 Arsene Wenger has let the fans down more than anyone in Arsenal’s entire 127 year history#WengerOUT  #EnoughIsEnough

@arsenalaction  9days until the transfer window shuts. How serious is Arsene about winning the title?

@GoonerCharles Sign a striker Wenger you clueless idiot!

Imagine you’re the person that tweeted the last tweet. Imagine you’re@GoonerCharles and you’re the sort of person that pens this sort of twitter bio; “19 years of age. @Arsenal home and away, over land and sea. Gambler, alcoholic and Spurs hater. Student at Nottingham Uni. Snakes prohibited. #WengerOut”

I already can’t imagine just how difficult it is to be a 19 year old student alcoholic that earns enough to have an Arsenal season ticket and go to all away matches but then to put up with the rubbish that Arsenal constantly serve up on top of that, bloody hell that’s a hard life……..Wait a minute…….A 19 year old student that earns enough money to go to every Arsenal match, and he’s unhappy with his lot. Is this what the world has come to?

Here’s an idea for all the people moaning about managers. Next time you go to a match take a few mates, find a decent pub, have a few pints whilst you you have a chat & a bit of laugh before the match. This may enhance your experience of football, you might chill out to you stressed wankers. No one likes to hear a stressed wanker bleating.




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