The XXXXXXXXX Jet Set’s guide to the Best and Worst of 2013

30 12 2013

This guide is our first nod towards When Saturday Comes.

The Best

In humdrum matters the undoubted highlight was the last-gasp Welsh Cup semi-final win over XXX XXX XXXXXX and their irritating megaphones.

Other good things included seeing the best own goal I’ve ever seen, seeing international football at Bangor City, meeting more decent people in the football grounds London and Greater Manchester and this moment on December 21st;


The Worst

In terms of humdrum matters the worst part was the last few weeks of the 2012-’13 season as Bangor blew three chances for European football in as many weeks.

As for the rest of 2013 it was just like 2012, the oppressively omnipresent bullshit that surrounded football was the problem rather than single incidents

The mélange of bollocks in 2013 included The Banter; the corporate football of Franchism, Abramovich, Tan, Assam; the gullability of idiots; the apparent death of umbro; Sepp Blatter; the abomination of The Support Group and a host of many other ingredients.

If I hadn’t have interacted with decent people at matches football and  I would probably have parted company in 2013.

How have we gone from this….

Cardiff 3

….to this?


Cardiff 2




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