So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 20

29 12 2013

76. I paid  £15 to watch non-league football


Being charged £15 to watch semi-pro football certainly makes you stop and think.   I’m sure the club has some kind of justification about needing to gather in as much money as possible but, £15 to watch semi-pro football? It would be easy to say that Stockport could encourage more people to attend by charging less but I’m sure the club has it’s reasons for charging £15 to watch semi-pro football.

Let’s see how Stockport compare to some famous European names (I know people are always making comparisons like this but it doesn’t hurt.)

Stockport play at Level 6 in English football pyramid and charge £15.

Real Madrid‘s tickets start at 25 Euros (£20.86 at today’s exchange rate) Feyenoord’s at 23.50 Euros  (£19.61) and Paris Saint Germain‘s at 20 Euros (£16.68). Benfica charge their members as little as 17 Euros for tickets (£14.19)

Schalke charge as little as 15 Euros (£12.52), Barcelona as little as 13 Euros (£10.85) and Benfica charge their members as little as 17 Euros for tickets (£14.19)

Something’s gone awry here.

77. Club Owning pantomime villain boos his own team

Vinny really gets in to panto mood!!


78. Michael Owen looks back at his career

Bask in those easy self-assured words!!! “I always knew I was way ahead of everyone…….”



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9 01 2014
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[…] The exorbitant cost – Today I had visited a club in a semi-pro league that sells tickets for £15 – You had to buy tickets – programmes for £3 and matchday meal deals (Pie / Hot Dog / Burger […]

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