So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 17

26 12 2013

65. When fans change their minds

In May 2013 most Cardiff fans were really happy with their owner.


Tan Out 1

Tan Out 2

In December 2013 most of them weren’t happy with their owner.

Tan Out

66. A fan actually made this


67. That Modern Football turns a man that does kick ups turns in to a self-proclaimed genius

The definition of the word “philanthropist” seems to have changed. When I was younger a philanthropist was a rich Victorian dude that, in lieu of a welfare state, funded the building of hospitals, schools and libraries. A philanthropist called John Bright was responsible for funding the building of my old school.

John Farnworth’s twitter profile tells us that he is;  “Football Freestyler | TV Person | Philanthropist | Future Author”. In 2013 a philanthropist is now a “freestyle footballer“, or “someone that shows off by doing kick ups to earn a living.”

I’m not saying he likes selling himself but here’s his website. I’m not saying he’s pretentious but he has tweeted this;

“Great artists are thankful for their power, whatever it’s expression, because they know it’s a gift that benefits all of mankind” Power Vs Force”

If we let this kind of ball juggling circus bollocks get out of hand there’ll be no future in our dreaming. It’ll be the end of football as a social activity. I’m not being dramatic about this.



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